3 Tips to Help Mystery Shoppers Fight Procrastination

Fight ProcrastinationThank you for reading this blog post/email/social media post. (I’m not sure how you got here!) Especially if you are reading it the first time you opened the email or came across the post.

You didn’t procrastinate!

Life is busy. And for most of us, it’s hard to read everything we’ve signed up to read.

Hey, it’s hard for most us to read the email we need to read.

And most people have very good intentions when putting something aside to do or read ‘later’. But later seems to be filled with more things than anyone will ever have time for.

September 6th is Fight Procrastination Day. A day designated to encourage people to take charge of their battle with procrastination. Procrastination is the act of putting things off until another day or time. Or doing less urgent tasks in place of urgent tasks. Or doing more pleasurable things before the stressful or harder tasks on our list.

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Happy Labor Day

Labor DayAs we wind down the summer and celebrate a long holiday weekend, we want to say Thank You to all our shoppers for the endless hours of labor you put in to conduct your assignments. And the time you spend to turn in informative and insightful reports.

We share with you these thoughts on bringing LIFE to your work!

Enjoy and Happy Labor Day!

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Make the Next 17 Mondays Count for Your Mystery Shopping Business

Mystery Shopping BusinessA friend of mine is planning on retiring close to the end of this year. He’s been counting since January. January 2016, that is!

On his fireplace mantle is a set of blocks that reads “XX Mondays to My Retirement”. He’s down to 17 Mondays as of this week. Pretty exciting for him as he anticipates stepping back from 40 years of working and entering his new phase of life.

Those 17 Mondays are also the same number the rest of us have left until ‘the holidays’ happen. For many of us, it is even fewer if we count back to Thanksgiving.

I don’t mean to make you have an anxiety attack!

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Writing Mystery Shop Reports – Efficiently and Effectively

Writing Mystery Shop ReportsWe’ve shared with our mystery shoppers our expectations of what we expect for you to write in your mystery shopping reports. We want to help you to be an A+ shopper.

Today, let’s talk about efficiently writing mystery shop reports to save you time.

Lengthy reports are one of the most common complaints about mystery shopping. The seemingly endless line of questions to respond to and report on after conducting a mystery shop.

We get it. And we do try to design forms to be as short as possible while getting as much information as our client requires.

Our clients want your bird’s eye view or fly on the wall perspective of you experience. It is what they are paying for. And each question does serve a purpose to our client’s end use of the data they receive.

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Use This Tool to Help Your Memory While Mystery Shopping

MemoryMystery shopping is one job that uses all your senses. Your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and sense of touch might all be used on a mystery shop. And then, of course, there is your memory.

With smart phones now being part of just about everyone’s anatomy, your memory can have an assistant to help you accurately remember details of your mystery shop.

Taking pictures would not make sense and be outright improper or even illegal to do on some mystery shops. Think bank or financial, inside of a pre-school, or while actually test driving a care. There are, however, several types of mystery shops where it would be very natural to do so.

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How to Go Mystery Shopping with Kids in Tow

Mystery shopping with kidsThe best advice that can be shared about mystery shopping with kids is – DON’T!

However, many stay at home moms and dads pick up mystery shopping gigs as a way to supplement the household income. And to stay in touch with what is going on in the world beyond kids.

We think these are all the right things to do – and we really aren’t as hard core as that opening line sounds. But you do need to pause and think before you take your children along to ‘work’ with you when mystery shopping.

Bringing your kids along seems rather natural to many people. And in certain instances, it is. Amusement parks, fast food, and pre-schools are natural places where you would bring your kids. So why not on a mystery shop?

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7 Ways to Build a Profitable Mystery Shopping Business

 build a profitable mystery shopping businessWe’ve shared with you how to get started in mystery shopping.  Once started, however, how do you continue to build a profitable mystery shopping business?

As every spirited entrepreneur knows, after you start (and sometimes you need a good kick in the butt to do get going), it’s not always easy to keep the momentum and energy up.

So how do you build it up to be a profitable main source of income or money earning side hustle?

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