The Social Media Time Suck: Make it Profitable for your Mystery Shopping Business

Home-based workers can find themselves easily distracted. You open a social media app like Facebook or Twitter to ‘check in’ to the feeds in your mystery shopping groups. Two hours later you realize you never even clicked on the group.

You followed the blue like button and red hearts. You caught up with your cousin in Arizona. Got angry over the latest political rants. And gave yourself some balance by watching a few heart-warming military family reunions. Now it’s time to make lunch, pick up the kids or go to a meeting.

And you’ve got no new jobs or contacts to show for all the time you just spent clicking around.

Is it worth thinking about social media as an avenue for finding work?

Yes – absolutely!

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The Power of Observation While Mystery Shopping

We are a society of observers. More so than ever before!

Social media has provided us with the power to observe the likes and dislikes, opinions, biases of friends, relatives, celebrities, politicians and complete strangers.

On a daily, hourly, minute by minute basis.

That’s a lot of observation! And a lot to process!

Our observations of what others think, say and write can transform our own thoughts and opinions – or at least force us to ponder why we believe what we believe.

And observation can absolutely change a person’s action or reaction to a situation. And in many instances, there is a justifiable reason why it should.

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Good Writing Skills for Mystery Shoppers

Being a mystery shopper sounds fairly simple. You shop, you see, you write up a report.

To bring value as a mystery shopper, however, you must have a multitude of skills.

The top 5 would be:

  • Scheduling
  • Prioritizing
  • Time-management
  • Observation
  • Writing

No one of these is most important, but each has their place in the daily routine of being a mystery shopper. There is one skill, however, which publicly reflects the work you perform as a mystery shopper.

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Mystery Shopping Scammers Plead Guilty!

We are happy to report two people involved in the cashier’s check writing scam, which mystery shoppers and the public had become victim to, have been arrested.

As reported by the U. S. Department of Justice, Christie Easter, 47, of Fort Worth, Texas, and Toheeb Odoffin, 28, of Chicago, each pleaded guilty to charges related to their respective roles in a fraud scheme involving “Mystery Shoppers.”

While this is likely just the tip of the iceberg in terms of people involved in these scams, it is proof that the crime is being taken seriously by our legal authorities and prosecution will be enforced.

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Mystery Shopping on Vacation – It’s a Snap!

We are truly enjoying our spring weather, but as it continues to warm up and May begins we already start to think about being on vacation! Don’t you? We have good news. Mystery shopping on vacation has just become easier!

As a matter of fact, It’s a Snap!

Market Viewpoint is now offering a new product to our clients. It’s called Snap Shops. Kind of a self-serve mystery shop kiosk. It’s for those small businesses that just want to do a quick check on their store or staff.

Like your local ice cream vendor on the boardwalk or the sail boat rental place at the lake. Snap Shops are for any business owner who can’t be everywhere at once and doesn’t have the time or budget for a full-fledged mystery shopping program.

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Is Mystery Shopping Going Away?

Times, they are a-changing. Or are they?

We hear news of retail giants like Target downsizing store square footage and JC Penney and Walmart closing stores. The banking industry is being transformed by digital experiences. And even how we shop for groceries is changing.

Will these changes have an effect on the mystery shopping industry?


But not in a negative way.

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This One Simple Productivity Hack Could Save You Hours Each Week

In a world barraged with minute by minute news updates, notifications flashing on phones and a sense of non-stop busy-ness in our lives, there are days where it seems nothing gets done.

You thought you were getting work done, but you mindlessly flitted from page to app to social media clicking, commenting and liking … but not really signing on for mystery shops.

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