How Mystery Shoppers Benefit Businesses

Businesses these days find themselves belonging to a clutter of homogenous products and services. Despite the widespread number of potential customers and increasing demands of both wants and needs, many establishments are finding themselves with empty spaces rather than heavy traffic. This therefore requires an ever increasing competitive advantage.

While businesses may seem to offer similar products and services, their competitive advantage remains to be one very essential asset; customer service. Customer experience, from the moment customers become aware of the product offer until the final transaction, is very critical as customer retention depends on their overall experience. By guaranteeing your customers a unique and pleasant experience will help increase repeat business.

For businesses, hiring a sufficient number of employees to serve their customers, undergoing extensive screenings and training them about excellent customer service skills may be enough to ensure first-rate service. Nevertheless, these steps alone cannot ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction.

To effectively assess actual customer experience, many businesses are hiring mystery shoppers. These are people who will act as ordinary customers of an establishment, paying attention to how they are treated, how they are informed about the product and how enjoyable they find the experience. They will evaluate the cleanliness of the store, the friendliness and assistance of the employees, the product offers and the ease of transactions.

So, how can businesses benefit from these supposed customers? Generally, businesses can gain detailed reports on how their employees deal with ordinary customers. Businesses can have a glimpse as to how customers perceive their store as well as their products and employees.

When the detailed report of the mystery shopper is submitted to the company, the management can then identify problems that need to be addressed immediately as well as investigate the integrity of their employees. Management can work on different weaknesses within their business and maintain their strong points.

Mystery shoppers can help companies improve their customer service skills, monitor their employees, point out strengths and weaknesses, recognize training needs, report unnecessary transactions, reward honest and worthy employees and improve the overall image of the company. Moreover, improvements made due to mystery shopper’s experiences can retain current customers, attract more customers, better understand customers’ needs and keep customers satisfied.

Mystery shoppers are an innovative and effective method for companies to enhance customer relations that are vital for recurring transactions and increased sales.

Angela Megasko
Market Viewpoint


About Market Viewpoint

Market Viewpoint offers comprehensive mystery shopping services, complete customer service audits, employee and customer surveys, customer focused marketing strategies, and customer service training to help you improve your customer service and outshine your competition.
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