Mystery Shopping Tip: Connecting with the Company’s Staff

Connecting with other people while you mystery shop is important.  Whether you are dealing with fellow customers, the manager, the security guards, or the employees, it is often good to interact with them because they can help you to provide a more quality report.  It is very essential that you, as a secret shopper, do not reveal your identity, but if you can find a way to connect with the different staff members to be sure they have fulfilled their jobs, the company will be pleased to receive those details.

When doing your mystery shopping, take the time to evaluate your instructions first and find several ways by which you can obtain more information that can help you submit a more detailed report.  A company may request that you talk to more than one staff member during the visit, so pay close attention to the instructions and develop a preliminary strategy ahead of time as to how you will rate your shopping experience..

Here are some questions you can ask yourself while on your assignment:

  • Were you welcomed by the staff when you entered the store?  Were you greeted each time you passed by them when they weren’t with other customers?  These questions will help a company determine whether or not their staff are courteous and friendly.
  • Were you assisted by the staff amiably?  Was your need to buy a certain product addressed?  Employees of an establishment must always extend a helping hand to customers because, if they don’t, they might take their business elsewhere.
  • Were you offered upgrades?  Upgrades augment the sale transaction and add more revenue to the store. If an employee offers you any upgrades, it means he or she is interested and willing to contribute to increase the company’s sales.
  • Were you informed of discounts and other promotions?  Customers deserve to know about current promotions inside the store, so check to see if the employees make you aware of them.
  • Did the staff stay with you until you decided to purchase and your transaction was complete?  Stay inside the store for a little and see if the staff will be patient enough to stick with you until your transaction is finished.

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