Successful Online Reporting for Mystery Shoppers

One of the most important aspects of mystery shopping is creating and submitting reports. Once you have accepted an assignment, visited the location, and collected the information your hiring company has requested, you must compile all of your findings into a report to submit to them.

Since mystery shopping companies conform to technology changes as they occur, reports are now almost always submitted online versus the previous customary fax submission. Now, all you need to do is create a report on your computer and submit it online or through e-mail without ever having to print or fax anything.

To help you successfully submit an online report and avoid missing a deadline, follow these tips:

  • Create a back up copy of your report.  Work in a Word or notepad document first and save your information there. Once it’s time to submit the report, simply copy it from your Word document and paste it online. That way, whatever happens, you have a back up copy that you can easily resubmit instead of writing everything again from scratch.
  • Invest in a fast and reliable internet connection. Sometimes you may encounter errors when you visit a webpage or your connection causes you to experience slow downloads and uploads. When you are rushing to meet a last-minute deadline, these unexpected issues can be costly.  So, invest in a strong, fast internet connection so this is never an issue.
  • Install a good browser. Even if your internet connection is fast and reliable, your browser can still cause you problems. Choose a browser that loads web pages quickly and makes it easy to upload and download information.  You may even want to install a second browser, so you have a backup in case the first one fails.
  • Save confirmation numbers and report numbers. This will ensure you have all the details you need in case you have to resubmit your report or it doesn’t go through successfully. Create a Excel spreadsheet with the date of your report, the mystery shopping company that hired you, your task, and the confirmation number of your report submission. This is also helpful in general when it comes to keeping track of and logging your assignments for your own records.
  • If you have doubts about whether or not your report was successfully submitted, email your mystery shopping company and request confirmation.


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