Maintaining Focus During Mystery Shopping Assignments

Throughout the day, we center our thoughts and decisions on many aspects in our lives. There are the personal concerns we go through each day, family issues, not to mention hopefully maintaining a sibilance of a social life. Though our days may seem “booked” with all of these other non-work related things, and all of the things we have to process as a result, it is important that we remain focus when it comes to our mystery shopping jobs.

Mystery shopping requires concentration and attention to detail. We may only be observing general things in an establishment such as cleanliness, customer service and product presentation but these aspects are important and must be reported thoroughly and accurately. Companies that hire mystery shoppers expect to receive professional and detailed reports, therefore as shoppers we must always be attentive when visiting a shop.

There may be cases when shoppers are multi-tasking on their shopping visit. While they do their visit they also be; meeting with a friend, doing their groceries, or attend to the kids. Though what the shoppers do during their shopping job may not be a matter of concern, the important thing is that they maintain their focus to evaluate correctly the aspects they are assigned to and gather necessary information for their reports.

In order to help shoppers maintain their focus on their shopping assignments, a good time to visit a shop is when the shopper is in a more relaxed state to ensure that they are able to observe things around the establishment. A stressful mind causes thoughts to be a little mixed up and certainly does not help with a shopping experience – certainly for maintaining focus!

In addition to making sure you are as relaxed as possible, tools that help in gathering the information are also recommended. Shoppers can use their mobile phones to jot down notes or other recording devices to help them remember vital information. So, by the time they do their report, stressful-mixed-up-thoughts or not, they have their findings right there ready to be translated for their report.

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