Organize Your Mystery Shopping Work

When it comes to efficient work habits, nothing is more effective than maintaining an organized workplace. No scattered papers on your desk, no pencils or pens anywhere, and no important files included in inappropriate folders.

In mystery shopping, shoppers must also maintain that same kind of organization in order to become more efficient in their job. Though technology reduces the need for piles of paper everywhere and used pens and pencils in every desk compartments, computer files also require organization.

One of the main reasons a mystery shopper needs to be organized is to be able to take on more than one job at a time. Successful shoppers maximizing their income by receiving multiple jobs at once. With proper organization, they can easily complete assignments and produce high-quality reports on time.

Organizing your work is easy once you have the right tools, so below are some useful tips on how to go about organizing your work:

  • Use basic tools in your computer. Make use of the calendar to take note of important deadlines and create schedules for your visits, report creation, and submissions. Utilize Microsoft Excel to organize your work data with fields that include the name of the assignment, the company involved, the date of accepting the assignment, the report deadline, the date of report submission, and the date of payment received. These details can be particularly important if there are any mix up in the future or concerns regarding your payment.
  • Create a separate folder for your mystery shopping jobs. Don’t house your reports and files in the same area as your personal files. It makes it tedious to search for items when you need them, especially if you have a lot of files on your computer. A separate folder for your mystery shopping jobs will make it easy to reference information.
  • Sort your files. Classify all of your files according to the companies involved. That way, you can easily review your work history with a particular client and keep that company’s information together and separate from other assignments.
  • Transfer written notes to your computer notepad. There are times when you may make simple notes to take down important details about the establishment you are visiting. Upon returning home, transfer and save them to your computer so you can eliminate the need to hold on to the paper clutter.

Becoming more organized in your work enables you to effectively and successfully accomplish all of your tasks. It also gives you more time to work on more assignments, so you can maximize your mystery shopping income.

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