Managing Your Time Well to Accomplish Your To-Do List

Having a to-do list helps you organize the tasks that you need to complete. Though it’s helpful to create a to-do list each day, there are times when we are daunted by the list, which can keep us from getting things done.

To help you manage your time and complete your to-do list effectively and eficiently, here are a few tips you can follow:

Do the most difficult task first. Often, we find tasks in our to-do list that are the hardest or most time-consuming and then skip over them because we simply don’t have want to do that difficult job first. In turn, we waste precious time procrastinating and make little progress on our to-do lists. When you do those difficult tasks first, the remaining things on our list then become a breeze. Take some time to concentrate on doing the hardest tasks at the beginning of the day to leave yourself more time to work on the rest.

Make your list manageable. Most of the time, we feel overwhelmed when we see a long list with difficult and lengthy tasks. This causes us to hesitate and lose concentration on what we need to do. However, breaking each task down into manageable steps will make things easier and create a greater sense of forward momentum as you mark things off your list.

Focus yourself on the next task and not on the entire list. If you’re constantly reviewing your list, you will eventually feel discouraged by feeling like you have a long way to go. But, by looking only at the next task, you allow yourself to be able to focus on what is important in the moment.

Identify the factors that waste your time and eliminate them.  Do you watch TV or browse the internet when you can’t focus on your job?  Do you find yourself talking to friends, going out of the house, or doing other things unrelated to work instead?  If so, then you are definitely wasting your time. Identify what keeps you distracted from working efficiently and eliminate those factors when you have things to do.

Include details in your tasks. In order to get things done, you will need to have all the details you need to accomplish the job. Make sure you have the information you need for each task, including phone numbers or addresses, to make things easier and faster to do.

Be realistic. Not everything on your list may be able to be accomplished in a day, especially if it is a long list. Be realistic and don’t overdo yourself. Remember, working on these tasks requires energy, and if you exhaust yourself, you won’t work as effectively. Just make sure to put whatever you didn’t get done today on your list for tomorrow.

Angela Megasko

President and CEO
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