Talking About Companies Online – The Right Way

Customer feedback is a great tool for helping businesses to increase and improve their business. Whenever they receive positive feedback, they become more confident that what they are doing in their business is effective. At the same time, negative feedback, if received properly, can inspire them to make necessary changes in how they operate their business in order to conform more to what you as the customer wants.

The internet has opened up a whole new world of capability to connect directly with businesses today – as a result, nearly everything people are saying online about companies or brands is being watched. Some people use this to their advantage to fix a bad case of customer service, while others use it as a tool to sing the praises of companies that really get it “right”.  Whether your feedback is positive or negative, it is always good to be sure you are communicating in a constructive manner where possible.

Many businesses have people who monitor their online presences to keep a leash on potential chatter that is going on about their company. These people are there to communicate with customers, answer questions, and sometimes even solve problems. Ensuring that you are communicating in a constructive and positive manner (yes, even when you’ve been on hold for 45 minutes and want to shout at the next person who asks you “To whom am I speaking?”), is vital to achieving a good result with your social media chatter. There are two reasons for this: 1) You are more likely to receive help if you look like a sane person who can be reasoned with versus someone shouting at or about a company in all caps. 2) You have followers, these followers look at what you say and what you say forms your digital reputation. Just like in the real world – you must always keep in mind your digital reputation for the future.

Be honest in your communications and social media status reviews – provide criticism where necessary and praise where it is deserved. Just try to make it constructive at all times.  Companies will appreciate you as a customer more either way because without good feedback, they have no idea they are doing something wrong or getting it “right”.

Check out the video – and keep an eye out next month for another, brought to you by Market Viewpoint and Angela Megasko!


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