Show Your Appreciation Through Simple Gestures

Show Your Appreciation Through Simple GesturesBeing appreciated for what we do is a great feeling. When we feel good inside, we become more inspired. Most of the time, we end up reciprocating that good feeling by doing more for others and giving our best at what we do.

As mystery shoppers, we sometimes encounter time limitations, especially when it comes to our responsibilities with our career and our families. Fortunately, there are many people who are kind enough to offer their support and help when needed.  By showing our gratitude to those people, we can make them feel special and respected. By showing them simple gestures of appreciation, they in turn feel loved, which helps build a strong, harmonious relationship with them.

For instance, cook something special for your family after they help with the household chores. Spend some quality time with your mentor by going to lunch or having coffee. It will show them how grateful you are for the advice and guidance they have provided to help you become a successful mystery shopper. You can also thank fellow secret shoppers who may have helped you along the way. Listen to their stories or even remember their birthdays and send them a note.

Simple gestures can go a long way because they show people that you care and appreciate them.  Show some act of gratitude to the people around you because not only will you make them happy, but it will make you feel good inside as well.

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One Response to Show Your Appreciation Through Simple Gestures

  1. faithrobros says:

    A great note, Angela. Even your note warmed me inside.


    Lynn Rosenfeld Birmingham, AL gold certified, hb3lv6

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