Taking Notes on How Employees Deal with Difficult Customers

Taking Notes on How Employees Deal with Difficult CustomersOne of the important things that we have to take note of when doing our secret shopping tasks is how employees deal with different kinds of customers. Various situations may arise in which an employee shows different sides to a customer. Employees may be smiling at customers to make them feel welcome, but how do they show good service to customers who are starting to become infuriated inside the store?

Difficult customers are hard to handle. However, there are inevitably times when employees must face these people, especially during holiday shopping sprees or rush hours. What they do and how they react during these times can actually make or break a customer’s decision to come back to the store.

It is therefore a significant advantage to be able to take note of these attitudes in your mystery shopping reports. See if employees are handling these situations well and jot down how they talk to angry customers. Observe their flow of conversation and evaluate if, in the end, the customers walk away happy.

As secret shoppers, it is our job to take note of these types of small details, which can help businesses get a clear picture of how they look to their customers. By taking things like this into consideration on our next shopping visit, you can create a more constructive mystery shopping report for our customers, which will leave them feeling satisfied and more likely to work with you again in the future.

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2 Responses to Taking Notes on How Employees Deal with Difficult Customers

  1. iiCyou says:

    How would a Mystery Shopper know about difficult customer situations?
    I have never seen a posted shop seeking difficult shopper situation. I don’t feel the client really wants that kind of feedback, they are looking for minor re- training and especially exceptionally positive reports only so they can brag or boost their creditibilty ratings for the general public. (Look at us; we have happy customers, see the reviews)
    Remember we Mystery Shoppers are not to bring attention to ourself, being slightly difficult would do this. So which is it, review and report facts about what is Really going on, or not. We all know the answer, it’s not!
    If it was my company I would arrange a two person senerio, send one in to be browseing, and the other in to be difficult, allowing the two to report feedback and the accual Mystery Shopper is still a mystery to the employee.
    I would like to know just how my long term employee’s and even the new ones that are showing promissing potential are handling those difficult situations, how can I train them to handle those situations, and what can I do to help them defuse the situation quicker.

    • You bring up good points! It makes me sad to hear that some companies out there only want to hear the good about their organizations. I know they exist but I am so happy that Market Viewpoint doesn’t work with any of them.

      You have the right approach regarding sending in two types of shoppers and I am sure if it’s within a company’s budget they would do that. You are also right that there aren’t a lot of requests for shoppers to pose as angry customers but I have had clients ask me for this very type of scenario when they are trying to test a potential new manager on their skills in this area.

      Bottom line, keep being anonymous unless you are asked to be something different on a shop!
      Thanks for your thoughts!

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