Be Their “Fly on the Wall”

When completing the narrative portion of your mystery shopping reports, be sure to answer the questions that are being asked.

Most reporting forms are set up to capture your experiences for various portions of a shop:Be Their "Fly on the Wall"

  • Greeting
  • Interaction
  • Purchase
  • Closing
  • Follow-up
  • Location Appeal
  • And other miscellaneous areas.

For each individual comment section, report only the details that relate to that particular portion or topic. If you are being asked about the greeting, tell us how you were greeted, exactly what the employee said, their attitude and gestures, and if you were made to feel welcome.

As soon as I opened the door to the leasing office, the agent, Janet, was rising from her seat with a smile and extended hand to welcome me for our 2:00 appointment. She said, “Hi, you must be Harold. Please, come right this way.”

When asked to detail your experience as a whole, please provide specifics on what you perceived, from driving into the parking lot to leaving the property – even if you detailed some of it previously.

Even though I arrived at the bank at 4:00PM, night had already fallen. I noticed a few lamps were not functioning in the parking lot area. I proceeded inside where the atmosphere was clean, inviting, and with coffee readily available. After waiting in line for just a few minutes, I approached Dan, the teller, and was assisted with my transaction. He was efficient and polite, remarking about the cold weather. After sending me off with a smile and gratitude for my visit, I made to exit the building. The first of the double-doors was locked (always frustrating) so I had to use the other one.

We understand how extensive some reports can be to complete. However, all questions and requests for narratives are there for reasons that are important and specific for each client. They need you to be their “fly on the wall” and relate back all you can about your experience.

If information is lacking from your report or contains commentary that doesn’t correlate to your yes/no responses, it will be returned to you for more information. This leads to more work for you and for us.

Remember: Read the report in advance, know what’s expected of you, answer all questions with detailed, correlating comments, and provide as much detail as possible.

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