How to Play the Name Game

How to Play the Name GameWithout the proper identification of employees with whom mystery shoppers interact, it becomes impossible for our clients to properly recognize an employee who did a good job or one who may need more training.

Mystery shoppers often ask, “How do I get a person’s name if it hasn’t been provided?”

If the mystery shop requires a scheduled appointment – such as an apartment shop – and the person assisting does not offer their name, try asking, “May I get your name so I’ll know to ask for you when I arrive?”

If the mystery shop is a more anonymous shop situation where the employee should be wearing a name tag but isn’t or the name tag is unreadable, one suggestion would be to ask, “Is your name Rob?” When they reply, “No,” they will hopefully follow that with, “My name is…” Make it seem more casual by adding, “Oh, you look so much like my cousin’s friend, I thought you might be him,” If they were not kind enough to fill in the name blank, ask, “Well, what is your name?” Be sure to use it again before the end of your transaction to alleviate suspicion.

Many companies have incentive rewards associated with their mystery shopping programs. Properly identifying employees is a crucial job of the mystery shopper in ensuring those incentives are properly distributed.

Be innovative and creative in obtaining the names of the people with whom you interact. If you absolutely cannot get a name, be sure to provide as detailed of a description as possible.

Leave a reply and share your most trusted and creative methods for getting those hard-to-get names.

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2 Responses to How to Play the Name Game

  1. Sandy Meriwether says:

    If I have not been provided a name by about mid way in the interaction, I will appologize for not remembering and ask, “What did you say your name was?” I have not had anyone refuse to introduce themself.

  2. hamfly00 says:

    At some places when many employees are working together, you can hear one employee calling the fellow employee by name. You just try to keep the eyes and ears open. Sometimes observing the surroundings will help you. I was doing an auto parts shop last year. The employee did not have the name tag but he had his own parts catalog with his name written with a big marker. One other place a female employee wanted to borrow something from her coworker and asking her by saying out the name loudly.

    The use of voice recorder on smart phone also helps to record the name so that it will be easy at the report time late in the evening.

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