Industry Insider: Financial Institutions

Industry Insider: Financial InstitutionsUnderstanding why a particular industry chooses to mystery shop and how they use the results is information rarely shared with mystery shoppers…until now. Join us each week for our Industry Insider post.

Financial Institutions

Banks and credit unions occupy almost every corner in cities and towns across the country. There is little difference in their products – checking and savings accounts, loans, IRAs and the like.

The handling of someone’s finances, however, is a very personal business. We all want to believe we are banking at the most honest and trustworthy institution that looks out for our financial best interests.

Financial institutions mystery shop to learn not only how well their staff is explaining the products they offer, but also at making prospective investors feel welcome, safe and comfortable entrusting money to their establishment.

Below are a few examples of the valuable feedback mystery shopping provides:

  • Product presentation, explanation and comprehension
  • Meeting and exceeding customer expectations
  • Problem areas that need further attention

Incentives are regularly offered to staff (individually or by office) for high mystery shopping scores to encourage them to be on top of their game every single day.

The most important question you may see on a mystery shopping report for a financial institution is: “Would you bank with us?” Your reasons as to why you would or would not provide invaluable insight into the inner workings of their business and the impression they are making on current and future customers.


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