Observation, or Opinion?

Observation, or Opinion?Opinions and feelings – unless specifically asked for – should not be included in mystery shopping reports.

As discussed in our first blog post this year, Market Viewpoint’s clients look to mystery shoppers to be a “fly on the wall” when reporting observations during a visit to their store, school, restaurant, bank or business. In an ideal world, it would be noted that everyone was doing their job as expected, greeting customers with a smile and kind word, and escorting them to the door with a sincere “thank you” as they departed.

We know that is not the case at every establishment, and when exceptional service and clean, safe surroundings are found lacking, it is important to include that information in the report where asked.

What is not always asked for is a mystery shopper’s opinion. Comments should be left to what was seen and not what was thought. Unless the question specifically asks for them, opinions should not be included.

Example of an Opinionated Comment:

The cashier had a line of 3 people, and detained everyone because she was looking at texts from her friends. This was annoying and delayed customers from getting out of the store in a timely manner. She shouldn’t have her phone on her when working. This was rude.

Example of an Observational Comment:

The cashier had a line of 3 people, and kept glancing at her phone. She would smile, help one customer, then read something on her phone. It took 15 minutes to get through the line. Most people only had 2 or 3 items.

Concisely writing about what was observed versus what was thought or felt enables the client to approach the employee with report in hand to discuss what may have happened that day. The client can then make any judgments; not the shopper. Things are not always as they are perceived, and employees should be allowed the opportunity to explain.

Negative opinions expressed in a report reflect negatively on the shopper, and therefore leads the reader to question the remaining observations. If a shopper was annoyed, did they then unfairly rate other parts of their report? Omit opinions and feelings – report the facts!

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