3 Ways to Be a More Observant Mystery Shopper

Angela Megasko of www.marketviewpoint.com discusses 3 ways to be a more observant mystery shopper.

As a mystery shopping provider, we have 2 clients to satisfy: Those who pay us (the client companies), and those whom we pay (our mystery shoppers – YOU!).

Our job is to guide and explain to our clients that they cannot possibly expect our mystery shoppers to observe 1001 details during a typical mystery shop.

And then it is our job to guide and explain to you, our mystery shoppers, how you should and need to observe 999 details during a typical mystery shop.

We develop forms with our clients that focus on the items that matter the most to the bottom line of their organization.

Reporting forms are typically presented to you in a format that logically takes you through the establishment you enter, or through the expected steps of a typical interaction.

We do our best to assist our shoppers to observe and retain the details in a sensible order.

Whether a new or seasoned shopper, it can sometimes seem overwhelming when you look at a report form. You ask, “How could I possibly remember all these things?”

Here are 3 tips which will help you prepare to observe:

1. Read the form through more than once.

A well-developed form will take you through what you can expect to have happen from the moment you step into an establishment or interact with a company representative.

Before you even leave your house, let your mind begin to understand the logic and order of what you must observe.

2. Picture yourself going through the store, the meal or the interaction.

Use visualization to “see” what you need to be looking for. Picture yourself in the store, checking for smudges on the windows, trash cans overflowing, or a particular kind of signage.

It will feel more natural to you to look for these things when you get to the establishment.

3. Practice your story.

For shops where you need to interact with a representative, you might have to present a story, such as why you are moving, ask a specific question or order a certain item.

Practice and say those things out loud before you go on your shop. You will be less concerned about getting that part of the shop “right” and free your mind to begin to observe the other things necessary to successfully complete your shop.

Just as an athlete visualizes his performance before a competition, or a presenter practices her speech before the event, mystery shoppers need to put themselves in the shop before they get there in order to avoid missing out on the important items they need to report on.

Practice, practice, practice! It will make you a great observer and better mystery shopper!

What suggestions do you have for remembering all the important parts of your mystery shop? Share them with us in the comment box below.


About Market Viewpoint

Market Viewpoint offers comprehensive mystery shopping services, complete customer service audits, employee and customer surveys, customer focused marketing strategies, and customer service training to help you improve your customer service and outshine your competition.
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