Consider a Working Vacation

Angela Megasko of discusses why a working vacation may be worth consideration.While most of us truly need to take a vacation where we focus on fun, family and friends, why not use your professional mystery shopping skills to fund your vacation or cut expenses during your trip?

Many mystery shopping companies offer opportunities to shop amusement, historical and entertainment venues, restaurants and local attractions.

There are 2 ways to approach these opportunities:

1. You can already know your travel destination and look for mystery shopping opportunities in the city you are visiting, as well as in towns you may stop in along the way;


2. Peruse the mystery shopping job boards and find out which cities and towns are busy with work, and choose to go to that destination.

Your best way to do this efficiently and effectively is to be signed on with multiple companies for several months.

Read and study the opportunities offered to understand which mystery shopping company has the types of shops you would like to do on vacation. Observe the cities and states where they shop, and keep track of this on a spreadsheet or in your notepad app.

As you begin to get close to actual planning time, call or email the companies to let them know you will be in a particular area during a specific week. Tell them you want to make this a working vacation! Most schedulers would be delighted to have a “new” shopper for a shop they fill on a regular basis.

Making yourself available to shop in different cities will make you a more valued shopper. It helps to ease the burden on the schedulers who are always looking for new shoppers for specific jobs.

And don’t forget to check with your tax accountant. There may be portions of your trip you can write off at tax time – which means more money in your pocket, making that “working” vacation very, very worthwhile!

Have you gone on a working vacation? Share your story with us, and how your family cashed in on the opportunity to work while having fun!


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