Industry Insider: Transportation

Angela Megasko of discusses why mystery shopping is important to the transportation industry.Understanding why a particular industry chooses to mystery shop, and how they use the results, is information rarely shared with mystery shoppers…until now. Join us each month for our Industry Insider post.


Riding a train. Taking a bus. Parking your car. Maybe even a plane ride!

These are mystery shops, too!

Let’s face it: Traveling, whether for work or fun, and using public transportation is not always easy, comfortable or friendly. But there are many companies that truly want it to be.

Transportation company owners cannot control how other passengers act, the traffic conditions or weather issues.

What they can control and measure is:

  • How employees treat passengers
  • Cleanliness of the vehicle in which you are riding
  • Amount of security and dependability of both their staff and the means of transportation provided

For these reasons owners of bus, plane and rail transport and parking facilities employ mystery shopping companies to evaluate the services, terminals and vehicles which they operate.

There are literally so many moving parts to a travel experience that only someone riding the bus, parking their care or standing in a rail station can truly relate how safe and welcome they are made to feel.

It’s a very personal experience in a very public place.

Having an understanding of how a typical customer is treated and made to feel in a moving vehicle or in a dark garage is important to these firms, to be able to train and develop their staff to be customer-aware, friendly and safety-conscious.

Your observations and feedback about your transportation experiences are important to the continued efforts to make travel safe and fun throughout the world.

Tell us your experiences mystery shopping transportation companies or parking garages in the comment box below!


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Market Viewpoint offers comprehensive mystery shopping services, complete customer service audits, employee and customer surveys, customer focused marketing strategies, and customer service training to help you improve your customer service and outshine your competition.
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4 Responses to Industry Insider: Transportation

  1. Janelle says:

    So where are these jobs?

    • You’ve really got to look for these, Janelle. Market Viewpoint has not had any in a while but we know of a mystery shopping company in Georgia that does transportation shops.

    • manette martinez says:

      would sure like to know i have been shopping for over 10 years and have no found any??? would like a clue or 2

  2. manette martinez says:

    i have never found any companies to do travel shops for and i dont like parking shops would love train bus or airplane shops if could find companies to do them for.

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