How to Write About Nothing

Angela Megasko of instructs mystery shoppers on the value of writing about nothing.Recently we asked a shopper to add comments to a report that didn’t quite have enough detail. He called us, concerned about how he could write more when nothing really happened. There was no sales person available to wait on him at the retail location. He had no interaction and did not make a purchase.

Many shoppers in similar situations will write: “No sales person available. Nothing was said/done.” They believe their job is complete.

While at times this could be all our client needs to know, you will make yourself much more valuable as a mystery shopper if you take the time for which you are being paid to make additional observations, and write about them, while you are conducting your shop.


“I entered the specified area and immediately noticed the associate, busy scanning shelf tags. She did not look up from her work or acknowledge my presence. I looked up and down the aisle close to her, but she did not seem to notice me.

After the required 3-minute waiting period, I began to approach her to initiate conversation; however, another customer got to her before I did. He asked a question about an item from automotive, and she left the area to assist him.

She came back to the area where I was browsing in just under 2 minutes, and was texting on her cell phone.  She still did not acknowledge me. At that point, I decided to approach her, but she turned away and headed off to the back room.”

This type of reporting is extremely helpful to our clients. While you may have a specific scenario to conduct during a shop, if you are unable to conduct the shop as planned, you can then earn your assignment fee (and a higher rating) by writing up what you did see happening while in the store. It will help our client when they begin investigating what happened, at that location, on that day.

Take the time to write up what you saw. Our clients will appreciate it, and so will you when you earn a better mystery shopper rating and more secret shops!

What situations have you witnessed during a mystery shop that were not what you expected?


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