Flexing Your Observation Muscles

Angela Megasko of www.marketviewpoint.com explains how giving your observation skills a workout is a win-win for mystery shoppers and clients.As with life, so with mystery shopping – not all situations go according to plan.

Once you start conducting a particular type of mystery shop – be it retail, daycare, apartment shop, etc. – many shoppers become complacent, expecting the scenario to be the same, or with little variation in each situation.

Many mystery shoppers go into a shop already thinking of what they will be writing in their report, because they have little expectation of it being different than the last shop.

Case Study:

A secret shopper report we recently reviewed revealed that the product, which the client and the mystery shopper fully expected to be available at the store, was unavailable. The shopper could have easily said, “Thank you,” walked away, and submitted a report on the lackluster experience. But she knew the purpose of the mystery shop was not really about the product; the purpose of the mystery shop project was focused on the level of service she was to receive.

Instead, thinking quickly on her feet, she told the salesperson, “Well, I wasn’t thinking about purchasing this item, but since I’m here, can you tell me a bit more about this product? I may as well learn about this, too!”

The salesperson went on to fully explain the product, its accessories, and local areas where she could find places to have fun with the sporting item.

The mystery shopper understood the purpose of the project as explained in her instructions. She could have walked away and said the salesperson did not assist her because the product we told her to ask about wasn’t available. By taking a moment to think of another way to get the salesperson to help her, she was able to submit a report full of good, detailed observations of an excellent sales experience.

Everyone benefits from this type of thinking and observation. You, as a shopper, increase your rating and value to the mystery shopping company, and our client gets and informative and useful report.

Have you ever had to switch up your scenario in order to complete a shop? Share your story with us on our Facebook page.



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