Enough Already! Stop Writing!

Angela Megasko of www.MarketViewpoint.com discusses the pitfalls of writing too much.In previous blogs, we’ve instructed mystery shoppers to give lots of detail in their mystery shopping reports.

We’ve even told you how to write about nothing!

And now we are going to advise some of you to stop writing so much!

We recently received a report where the shopper could not fit all that she wanted to say in a 2,000 character comment box on a mystery shopping report. We asked her to send along her additional comments in an email or Word document. After all, we wanted to make sure we had all the details of her customer service experience.

Wow, were we surprised! We received an additional 3,000 words from this shopper!

We do appreciate that many secret shoppers are also creative writers, and some of you write your mystery shop reports so beautifully – thoroughly explaining what you have experienced and observed.

Mystery Shop Reporting 101

What we don’t need to read in your mystery shop report is:

  • How you told the representative where you went to college in order to create a rapport (That is the sales reps’ job!);
  • Your suggestions on how the client’s marketing materials should be re-designed. Telling us how they could be updated is one thing; detailing your thoughts on layout and colors is another;
  • How your recent illness changed your perception of how people should be treated; or
  • Including an explanation in the comment section of the report about the email interaction you had with our mystery shopping schedulers in order for you to properly get to this location and conduct the mystery shop.

Unless your personal story directly affects the way you were treated by a sales representative, it has no place in a mystery shopping report.

Let’s face it: The report is not about you, but about how the client’s employee treated you. The focus of your mystery shopping experience and the report should be about the interaction with the client’s representative.

We all have stories to tell and share. We are sure yours are good, and we are sure they are important. There are blogs, social media, and your journal to write in. Share with the world on another medium, but not in your mystery shopping report.

Our August Jane Bond is all about writing. Visit MarketViewpoint.com and click the “Learn More” link beside the image of Jane Bond to learn more and sign up.

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Market Viewpoint offers comprehensive mystery shopping services, complete customer service audits, employee and customer surveys, customer focused marketing strategies, and customer service training to help you improve your customer service and outshine your competition.
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