Can You Really Remember All Those Details?

Angela Megasko of gives 3 tips to help remember details when mystery shopping.When you get back to your desk at the end of a long day of mystery shopping, filling out the customer service evaluations can be a daunting task.

We always recommend that, after you perform a mystery shop and return to your car, drive away from the establishment you shopped and stop elsewhere to make notes on the instructions or secret shopping report form you have printed out. Especially make sure you write the names and descriptions of the people with whom you interacted.

There are ways to train your mind to observe during a shop, which will spark your memory later when you are filling out the mystery shop report forms.

  1. Quit multitasking. When you are conducting a mystery shop, stay focused on the purpose of the shop. Don’t think about how you would like to purchase that cute sweater or discounted yard equipment you see while talking to the sales rep.
  2. Visualize. Before starting your shop, read through the report form and visualize what needs to be done when you are in the store, restaurant, bank, etc. Then, when recalling your interaction when writing your report, your visualization will help you to remember the details of the interaction.
  3. Use mnemonic techniques to remember details. Make up rhymes or songs about the things you have observed, or acronyms to help you recall the details when you are writing your report. It may sound silly – but give it a try!

Create a routine or pattern of remembering that you can use on all of your shops. Practice makes perfect, and it will help in other areas of your life as well!


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5 Responses to Can You Really Remember All Those Details?

  1. iiCyou says:

    How I deal with the memory issues is I have a recording device on my cell phone that can be hidden from my screen, I use a ear piece and talk into the system while doing my shop, I do a full dictation in my car when the shop is over. I can dictate while driving and don’t have to pull over and write anything down. I just look at the survey and then dictate in order. Then later I can listen to verify my memory if needed while I am writing my survey.
    Someone walking around a store talking on their phone is not out of place, people with blue tooth devices or even hard line devices while walking around a store is not out of place.
    My system saves me time and ensure exact accuracy.
    If I shop on my lunch hour and my time is spent in the store, I don’t have time to pull over and rush to jot down information that maybe later I might actually be able to read what I wrote. The dictation system is much more effective for me.
    Especially when I am finding that the industry is no longer looking for stay at home Moms/Dads or a quick shop on the lunch break, its now only for people who are doing nothing but mystery shopping.
    Why do I think this, because deadlines are getting shorter and shorter. If I do a coffee shop in the morning before work at 9 am I then have 8 hours of work to perform, not writing my survey. Then I get home and have to deal with kids and dinner. By the time my kids go to bed and the house settles down for me to attempt to write a survey I now have less than two hours to get them complete.
    Schedulers who demand such short deadlines are making it where the available shoppers are only the same ones over and over and because those of us that work for a living just don’t have time or energy to meet these ridiculous deadlines.

    • iiCyou – thank you for sharing your ideas on obtaining and remembering detailed information. We are sure you have provided other shoppers with great ideas of how to use their electronics to assist them with their mystery shops.

      Mystery shopping companies serve two communities: our clients and our shoppers. We welcome everyone from both communities to work with us and do not try to cut anyone out. We still have many stay at home mom and dad’s, retirees and working folks mystery shopping for us.

      Our deadlines are set for several reasons.

      1. For our clients. In today’s world of immediate information, clients want to know as soon as possible what happened in their stores and places of business. Getting information to them within 24-48 hours after they have been shopped is required by many of our clients.

      2. We have found that if we allow shoppers to submit reports more than 24 hours after the shop was completed, there is a greater chance of life’s other responsibilities getting in the way, and the report may never get completed. Shoppers do not get paid for work they actually completed, and we have to start the recruiting process all over again, having likely missed our client’s deadline.

      3. Many shoppers do not use the devices and tricks that you do. After a day goes by, memory begins to fail and the important details that make a difference in delivering a quality report decline.

      If your days are filled and the best time for your to complete, a report is early in the morning the day after your shop, communicate that to your scheduler. We can be flexible if you deliver quality product when you say you will. As always, communication is the key to a great working relationship.

      Thank you again for your thoughts. We look forward to working with you soon!

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