Industry Insider: Entertainment Venues

Angela Megasko of explains how entertainment venues find value in mystery shopping.

Work and play combine when mystery shopping entertainment venues!

We thought it would be interesting to write a monthly post telling you about the various clients we serve, why they mystery shop, and what some of them do with the results.

Entertainment Venues

Theaters, museums, amusement parks and other attractions are places where people go to “get away” from reality and be entertained or educated about something of interest to them.

Management of these organizations want every moment of your visit to be a fun and interesting experience. So much so, that you will tell others about it or come back again and again!

While the show or zoo animals may be entertaining and fun to see, it is the condition of the facility, the treatment by employees, ease of getting around and the availability of amenities that will really make or break a person’s visit. 

Owners and managers of these organizations utilize mystery shoppers to learn how the employees treat the guests, which parts of the facility are functioning as expected, and what you think about the venue.

They want to know what works, what doesn’t, and what will make you return.

Daily running of an entertainment venue takes many people, much equipment, and a facilitation of activities that run like clockwork.

Keen observation by mystery shoppers helps to identify a problem (such as safety issues, faulty equipment, a disgruntled employee) of which management may not otherwise be aware, or that their show/ride/display is truly in need of improvement as it no longer appeals to most people.

Getting free passes for you and a friend, or even a whole family, seems like a gift! Mystery shopping an entertainment venue can be a lot of fun. Admission, however, is not entirely free!

Remember, you are working, and while enjoying the facility, you must be sure to review every area that is required. Use our tips on remembering and observation in order to get the most – and give the most – from one of these assignments.

Tell us about your experiences mystery shopping fun entertainment venues. Leave your comment below!


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