3 Tips to Becoming a “Perfect 10” Mystery Shopper

Angela Megasko of www.MarketViewpoint.com discusses what it takes to get that Perfect 10 score on your mystery shopping report.We know you work hard to get your mystery shops completed in order to supplement your income. A shopper who delivers on time and has written a full account of their experience and observations is a true treasure to any mystery shopping company.

Often, however, we are asked by secret shoppers why they didn’t get a “10” – Market Viewpoint’s highest shopper rating. 

Certainly your:

  • timeliness in submitting your report;
  • communication throughout your assignment;
  • ability to follow instructions properly; and
  • ability to provide us with full details about the customer service received;

are all things that add to your score. If you are a shopper that follows all the rules, then your score is up there. We love you! But what prevents you from getting a “10” are some errors commonly found by our editors:

Avoid using words or phrases such as “Again,” “As I said,” or “As I already mentioned.” These types of phrases do not add value to your report and will be deleted by the editor, who will then spend time rewriting your sentence. There are ways to rephrase what you’ve already said. For example, you may write:

The consultant was on the phone with an irate resident of the community.

Later in the report, you may feel it is important for you to remind the reader of this. Instead of saying, “As I said above,” you can rewrite the thought:

While my wait was a bit longer than expected, I understood the consultant had to finish her call with the unhappy resident.

State your observations as fact. Starting sentences with “I believe,” “I think,” or “I do not remember,” opens up the possibility that your report will be questioned. State your observations as fact and the reader will believe you truly did see what you state you did. Admitting to not remembering something during a mystery shop creates the impression that there could be more that you did not remember.

Limit spelling errors. If you have more than one or two misspelled words, you will not receive a “10” on your report, even if everything else is perfect. With the tools available in our Sassie system, and on your own computer, there is no reason to have misspelled words. Utilize these features in order to create a perfect report.

Our editors do not give out “10”s easily, but when they do, those mystery shoppers are our go-to people in whichever state they may live. Mystery shoppers who receive a “10” rating get first dibs on shops for which they apply. Make it your goal for the final quarter to submit perfect reports each and every time!

Ensure you are following all of the policies and tips which legitimate mystery shopping companies such as Market Viewpoint have to help you be the best shopper you can be!


About Market Viewpoint

Market Viewpoint offers comprehensive mystery shopping services, complete customer service audits, employee and customer surveys, customer focused marketing strategies, and customer service training to help you improve your customer service and outshine your competition.
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