Become a Favorite Mystery Shopper by Following These 4 Tips

Stand out from the crowdThere are many similarities between your job and the job of a mystery shopping scheduler.

Imagine the desktop computer screen of a mystery shopping company scheduler. Multiple clients, each with locations in many states; different assignment letters; and due dates for each – talk about multi-tasking!

Then look at your desk. Multiple shopping companies; different assignment instructions and due dates for each shop – an organizational dream or nightmare, depending on your personality.

You and the scheduler both have the same goal of getting the job scheduled, completed, and having the report delivered to the client as soon as possible.

Here are some scheduling tips for you and ways you can help schedulers:

Tip 1

When you respond to a mystery shopping assignment solicit, please carefully consider the due date. Read the job description and due dates carefully. Make sure you understand whether or not you can do the job within the timeframe of the assignment.

Check your calendar! Consider not only what is on your calendar for the specified day(s), but the time it takes to get to and from the location, to do the shop and to write up the report. If it’s not going to work, don’t apply for the job.

Tip 2

Follow the instructions in the solicit email or web ad. Answer questions about whether you can complete the shop on the date needed, whether you have a child, or whether you can dance the tango! Questions are there for a reason!

Your responses (or lack thereof) to the assignment questions are a reflection of your ability to follow directions. If you do not give what is asked for in a solicitation, can we trust you to complete the shop as instructed? This includes confirming that you’ve received an assignment. If the scheduler asks for confirmation, please confirm!

Tip 3

If you have several days in which the shop can be completed, conduct your shop as early as possible. Your “Due Date” is the last day your report can be submitted, but mystery shopping companies will gladly accept it much earlier.

Tip 4

Early completion of your shops allows more time for you to accept those last-minute shops that schedulers are so desperate to fill when other shoppers bail. Being available to help in those situations makes you a star shopper!

Following instructions in a solicit and using skills that are helpful to both you and the scheduler will make your mystery shopping business successful, and will keep you on the top of your scheduler’s list of favorite mystery shoppers!

What tips do you use to become the favorite of mystery shopping schedulers?


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Market Viewpoint offers comprehensive mystery shopping services, complete customer service audits, employee and customer surveys, customer focused marketing strategies, and customer service training to help you improve your customer service and outshine your competition.
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