Wanted: Your Funniest Mystery Shopping Story!

Depositphotos_50517971_xsMystery shopping is fun because of the varied and multiple experiences you can have as a shopper.

One day you are looking for an income-restricted apartment and the next, dining in a 5-star restaurant. Each day you can take on a new personality based on the type of assignment you are conducting. But what makes mystery shopping even more fun is when the unexpected happens!

A few years ago, we asked mystery shoppers to submit funny or unusual stories of things that happened to them on a mystery shop to our monthly newsletter, Point of View. Boy, did we get some interesting and amusing stories to publish! You’ll love these two! 

Coffee, or Not?

I asked the young man behind the counter what the difference was between a couple of new drinks the famous coffee place was now serving, to determine if he was knowledgeable about his company’s new product:

“I’m sick of my same old coffee; what’s the difference between espresso, latte and cappuccino?” I asked as the “customer” (mystery shopper).

The young man shrugged and simply replied, “I don’t know, dude; you just press the button and s#!@ comes out.”

Not quite the response expected for a mystery shop!

Mistaken Identities

One day I was shopping a chain shoe store at a local mall. I went in and was looking at children’s shoes. Two employees were visible – one talking intimately with a girl in the corner, one on an obviously personal, not work-related phone call. I was totally ignored. After 5 minutes I asked for assistance, which was met with dirty looks and disgust that I had been an interruption.

All of a sudden an older couple came in and sat down. The lady got a little note pad out of her purse (which I did look at and it WAS her shopping list). Both employees immediately went over and catered to them. I overheard one tell the other that they were due to be shopped by their mystery shopper, and they were sure it was these people. They said they were tired of getting bad reports and getting in trouble.

They absolutely fell all over these people while continuing to ignore me. While talking to each other, I heard them saying that this time the reports would be great no matter what they had to do. They made fun of the couple behind their back about how dumb they were, but that it didn’t matter as they knew who they were and were sure they’d made a good impression this time.

All the while, I was ignored and treated rudely as they did all but kiss this couple’s feet as they assisted them. After the couple left, they were high-fiving and calling people, saying what a great job they did, as I still stood there observing and being ignored. Needless to say, they again failed, and after this report, the store was closed!

Truth is so much more fun than fiction!

We thought it would be fun to do this again and to publish your real mystery shopping experiences. One week each month for the remainder of the year, we’ll publish one of your great mystery shopping stories.

Email your experience to info@marketviewpoint.com with “FUNNY STORY” in the subject line. We’ll acknowledge your story and give you credit for sharing your experience (first name and last initial only so as not to give away your identity)!

We need only 9 great stories, though we know there are more out there.

We can’t wait to hear from you! Send your story today!


About Market Viewpoint

Market Viewpoint offers comprehensive mystery shopping services, complete customer service audits, employee and customer surveys, customer focused marketing strategies, and customer service training to help you improve your customer service and outshine your competition.
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