It Pays to Read the Fine Print

Angela Megasko of discusses why reading the fine print of a mystery shops's instructions is an equally crucial aspect of the job.Being a great mystery shopper is about more than just observation and writing skills.

Details are important everywhere in life. We wouldn’t be happy if, when we agreed to take a family member to an appointment, they neglected to tell us it was 100 miles away. Or if the local sandwich shop did not tell us what was included in a lunch platter, and we were served creamed spinach instead of French fries.

Details provide us with the information we need to make educated decisions and appropriate changes at work, home and play.

Our clients need the details you observe from a shop in order to properly reward or further train their staff. And you need to read the details in order to effectively conduct your shop.

We recently had a shopper who told us they did not know they were supposed to ask a question of the cashier while doing a parking garage shop. Another shopper working for the same client told us she did not realize she was supposed to check out the elevator and stairwell. Both of these shoppers submitted great reports, but neither could be accepted.

We recognize that both individuals scheduled time to do the shops and write up their reports. These shoppers believed they had completed their assignment. But unfortunately, when the details of a shop are neglected, it negates the entire report.

As the mystery shopping provider, we try very hard to find the balance between:

  • obtaining as much information from one shop as possible to satisfy the client; while
  • trying not to fatigue the shopper from having to make too many observations and remember too many details.

The details, however, are what’s important to our client. So it is very important that as a shopper, you spend those few extra minutes to fully read the instructions and review the report form before going on your shop.

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