Funny Mystery Shopping Stories – You Can’t Make These Up! Part 3

Angela Megasko of shares another funny mystery shopping story!The Market Viewpoint staff was so excited when our wonderful shoppers began to respond to our request for funny mystery shopping stories!

Thank you to all who sent in their humorous tales of interesting interactions during a mystery shop.

Each month for the rest of 2015, we will share stories – so please keep them coming by sending an email to with “Funny Story” in the subject line!

Everyone can use a laugh! 

From Sonya L.

I was doing a cell phone shop at a kiosk in a bigger store. I had my 2-year-old son with me. He had started getting a little fussy, so I gave him my purse to play with while he was seated in the basket. I had told the associate that I did not own a cell phone. Well, wouldn’t you know it, the first thing my son pulls out of my purse is my cell phone and starts waving it around. Not only that, but my service was with the company I was shopping, and my phone was easy to recognize as one of theirs. I quickly thought up an excuse that it was my parent’s phone that I was borrowing and they had recommended I get the same service as them. The associate seemed to believe me, but I was sweating it.

Kids – they do the darnedest things!

‘Til next time…don’t forget to email your story!


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3 Responses to Funny Mystery Shopping Stories – You Can’t Make These Up! Part 3

  1. Michelle McDonald says:

    Lol. Children can sure get you in trouble. Lol. That’s cute.

  2. Jim says:

    And this is why most mystery shop instructions say you cannot take children with you on your shop.

    • Jim – So true! But we do understand it is sometimes unavoidable. But people do have to realize if the child does ‘give it away’ you may not be paid for the shop. We try to be flexible as long as we get the information that is necessary for the client.

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