Why “Yes” is as Important as “No”

Yes, no or unknownHow do you figure out what information is necessary and what is not when you are working on your mystery shop reports?

Recently on the Mystery Shopping group on Facebook, a shopper was commenting on how one particular editor sent back her report several times for additional comments, specifically for “Yes” answers on the report form. She understood why she needed to explain “No” responses when answering the questions, but felt the pressure for explanations for “Yes” comments was not necessary. 

After all, if she said the employee did what was asked, then she did it. What more is there to say?

Initial reactions from other shoppers were empathetic, which likely made the shopper feel supported. And, of course, several responders not only supported the woman, but ragged on all mystery shopping companies in general. Because people just need to vent.

However, as the day went on, a little later in the thread, several mystery shopping company editors gave some very useful and constructive feedback about why this information is required on some reports.

One reason that was supported by actual experience is when a shopper marks “Yes” to a question such as, “Did the employee mention a loyalty card?” but doesn’t write what was said, the shopper is then questioned by the editor. This editor says she has heard more than once, “I marked that incorrectly.”

We recognize these things happen. Filling forms out on tablets, late at night on computers, or when in a hurry can easily lead to errors in reporting. That is one reason why “Yes” answers need to be supported as much as “No” answers.

The primary reason, however, is because the client wants that ‘fly on the wall’ narrative of your experience. All things good AND bad!


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