No Man is an Island, and Neither is a Mystery Shopper – Get Connected!

Angela Megasko of discusses the value of mystery shoppers connecting with each other.Being a mystery shopper is great. No boss to contend with on a daily basis. No co-workers with whom you have to share a dirty microwave to heat your lunch. And the hours are more or less yours to choose!

There are so many more great advantages to secret shopping, but at times, it can also be lonely.

We encourage shoppers to get involved in the online forums, groups and conferences that are available to you – most, free of charge. You have the opportunity to interact not only with other mystery shoppers but with the schedulers, editors and others in the industry working directly for the mystery shopping provider companies. 

Getting involved in a group discussion, be it online (where you can be a quiet onlooker) or in person provides you an ability to learn and grow in your mystery shopping business.

Not only will you find answers to some of your most commonly asked questions or a frustration you may have, you will learn about other types of mystery shopping opportunities, too.

There was a discussion the other day on one Facebook group about a contest run each summer for a convenience store/gas station. Shoppers who had the job in years past offered suggestions to the newbies on how to most efficiently use the time they are at the station and how to quickly process the paperwork when they returned home. Just that little bit of advice likely saved someone several hours of frustrating data entry.

Going to a conference allows you the opportunity to meet people live. Many mystery shopping companies will send their staff so you can meet the people who are scheduling  you and managing the accounts.  You can ask questions and allow these people to see your professional side in person. Participating in workshops will expand your education and understanding of the expectations of the key players in the industry.

There is no reason to go through this journey on your own. There are plenty of people who can help guide your way on a daily basis online and at the conferences that IMSC and MSPA-NA hold each year! We recommend starting with these two sources, then search around on Facebook, Twitter and the internet in general to find other resources.

Get connected!

Do you have favorite social media sites or forums where you share with other shoppers? Go to our Facebook page and tell us about them so other mystery shoppers can connect with you, too!


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2 Responses to No Man is an Island, and Neither is a Mystery Shopper – Get Connected!

  1. Linda says:

    Thank you so much for your encouragement and helpful tips. I appreciate it so much !

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