Funny Mystery Shopping Stories – You Can’t Make These Up! Part 4

Depositphotos_38300857_s-2015The Market Viewpoint staff was so excited when our wonderful shoppers began to respond to our request for funny mystery shopping stories!

Thank you to all who sent in their humorous tales of interesting interactions during a mystery shop.

Each month for the rest of 2015, we will share stories – so please keep them coming by sending an email to with “Funny Story” in the subject line!

Everyone can use a laugh! 

From Anne Z.

I’ve always done the, “Are you Sandy’s daughter, Gina?” thing to get the name when the target is not wearing a name tag. Recently I discovered that I have to re-evaluate that strategy…

The order presenter at the fast food restaurant was a middle-aged man without a name tag, so I said, “Are you Janir’s father?” That’s an odd enough name, right? Wrong. He said, “YES!!!” He asked me how I knew his daughter! Thinking quickly, I said, “the school,” thinking she could be a parent, a student, someone who takes fun classes like yoga, etc. To which he says, “Oh from U-Dub (University of Washington).”

 And then he kept talking about this, and I had to form a little scenario about me and Janir on the spot. We had lunch one day, yada, yada, yada. To escape, I said, “Nice to meet you, tell Janir I said hi.” Big mistake!!! He says, “Let’s call her right now,” as he picks up his cell and starts dialing.

I looked at the food I’d ordered for the dining room and wondered how in the world I could possibly get out of there. Thank goodness, some other customers came in. I wolfed down half of the food and ran like a wild woman. I guess I can never go in there again! 

You can’t make this stuff up!

Til next time…. Don’t forget to email your story to

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One Response to Funny Mystery Shopping Stories – You Can’t Make These Up! Part 4

  1. Trina Jones says:

    He probably knew and was playing along. Still funny.

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