Using Speech to Text – Beware!

Angela Megasko of discusses why speech to text still needs a human eye.Technology is wonderful. We can talk out loud to phones, computers and navigation systems and be rewarded with answers to questions or directions to restaurants.

Even better, speech to text can write our texts or even fill out comment boxes on mystery shopping report forms!

We have seen, however, how some shoppers rely on this convenience a little too much. They dictate their comments and click “Submit” without ever re-reading the report form.

Our editors get to read sentences that make little sense and have multiple spelling and grammar errors. And then the shopper gets a lower rating.

Don’t let this happen to you! 

Speech to text is a wonderful way for you to get your thoughts and answers to questions on a report form recorded immediately after a shop. We applaud those who use the tool as a way to remember as many details as possible.

Those shoppers, however, return to their computer later in the day to review what was “said” or “written” to revise, edit and correct any mistakes, and to possibly add even more detail.

It’s a great tool, and when used properly, can save a mystery shopper a lot of time of trying to remember details from 3 shops after a long day of secret shopping.

Use the technology – but remember to always double check your work before submitting.

Do you have some good tools you use to remember details of your shop? Share them with us on our Facebook page.


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3 Responses to Using Speech to Text – Beware!

  1. Instead of trying to fill in the form this way, I use the audio notes to just record my thoughts from the shop. Then I play it back when I fill out the form.

  2. I agree with Dawn’s suggestion. Audio playback is very useful when you have a bit of brain freeze and forget something that’s crucial.

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