Remembering What to Remember

When people think about becoming a mystery shopper, typically the first thought is, “Well, I like to shop, how hard can this be?” As many of you know, while it’s not hard to beyoung man wearing glasses making a funny face a mystery shopper, it does take certain talents and skills. You need time and territory management, being a keen observer, knowing how to write correctly, and tied into all of it – good memory skills. You can observe many things, but remembering them correctly in order to report them to our client is a key element to being an A+ mystery shopper!

In her book, Ultimate Mystery Shopping – Transforming your Hobby into a Profitable Home Based Business, Angela Megasko, CEO & President of Market Viewpoint, provides you with tools and tips to sharpen your memory.

In Chapter 10 she tells us:

The first step is to read the instructions and study the report form. Look over the documents, not just once, but several times before you leave your house so your brain begins to register what you need to be doing as you begin your shop. As you read through the second or third time, begin to make a mental checklist and organize it in such a manner that would make sense as you make your way through the establishment.

For instance, if you were shopping at a retail store, you might be asked to report on the following areas in detail:

  1. Parking lot
  2. Signage
  3. Entrance to the store
  4. Greeter
  5. Shelving and condition of the merchandise
  6. Restroom cleanliness
  7. Attentiveness of the sales staff (be sure to get their names!)
  8. Orderliness of the checkout area
  9. Cashier interaction
  10. Departing words of the cashier

You will note that the above list was written in the order that you can expect things to happen as you are shopping. It’s logical. Can it deviate? Of course it can, and it will!

Maybe you will be asked to check on the restroom after youʼve interacted with the sales staff, not before. The point here is to help you as you make your way through the store, to observe and interact with all of the people and departments that are a part of the mystery shopping form you will be filling out. The list will serve as your memory jogger!

(Excerpt from Ultimate Mystery Shopping – Transforming your Hobby into a Profitable Home Based Business, by Angela Megasko. Copyright 2012) 

Remembering the details is very important to the success of any mystery shop. The more detail you can provide about the physical aspects of the establishment, the exact words used by the sales representative, and the accuracy of an interaction, the better. Reporting with specificity makes it easier for our clients to truly get the ‘big picture’ of how the customer is being treated. And in turn, will result in a higher level of customer service to you as their patron! So use your tools for remembering!

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Market Viewpoint offers comprehensive mystery shopping services, complete customer service audits, employee and customer surveys, customer focused marketing strategies, and customer service training to help you improve your customer service and outshine your competition.
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