Stretch Your Mind with This Habit

handwriting, writing tipSharpened pencils, new notebooks and a perfectly clean pink eraser!

Most of you will remember these as signs of being ready for the first day of school. The anticipation of starting a new grade built as you organized all the fresh, newly purchased school supplies that would accompany you into the next year of learning.

Of course, today, it is likely to be a new tablet loaded up with cool apps that gets the youngsters excited – but hopefully there is still some good old fashioned writing on fresh paper going on somewhere in this world.

Because, if there isn’t, we are in trouble.

It is well documented that the physical act of writing stimulates portions of our brain to help us clarify our thoughts, remember things better, and gets us to our goals more quickly.

And the world needs more clarity and remembering!

When you physically write something, the sensors in your brain are alerted.  In Write It Down, Make It Happen, author Henriette Anne Klauser says that “Writing triggers the RAS (reticular activating system), which in turn sends a signal to the cerebral cortex: ‘Wake up! Pay attention! Don’t miss this detail!’

Mystery Shopping and Handwriting

If you are like most shoppers, you receive your mystery shopping assignments, quickly scan the instructions and take a glance at the questions on the report form. (And if you are not like most, please apply for more shops!)

When you get to the secret shopping location, you then are trying to remember what to observe AND observe at the same time – taxing your brain, and sometimes totally forgetting several of the items that need to be reported on.

We suggest you make a hand-written list of the 10 top things you need remember to look for on a customer experience shop. Glance at it before you enter the location (then hide it in a pocket, please!). This will alert your mind to remember these as important items, so you can spend more time observing what you need to observe instead of trying to remember what you are to observe!

Of course, you can always ‘write’ it down in your phone too – and sneak a peek! But try the handwritten method too – it gives you the perfect reason to buy new pencils and a cool, new notebook!

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One Response to Stretch Your Mind with This Habit

  1. Ann Schermer says:

    This is a great article and makes so much sense to me. I’ve tried adding notes to my phone, but I think writing it on paper will work so much better for me. Thank you.

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