You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! Funny Stories about Mystery Shopping

smirking tabby catAt Market Viewpoint Staff we continue to be so excited when our wonderful shoppers respond to our request for funny mystery shopping stories!

Thank you to all who sent in their humorous tales of interesting interactions during their mystery shop.

Each month for the rest of 2015 we will share stories – so please keep them coming by sending an email to with Funny Story in the subject line!

Everyone can use a laugh!

Thanks to Robin V. for sharing!

I was “shopping” a fancy car, going for a test drive. I was fairly new to the business and did not yet know that I didn’t like mystery shopping for cars and would soon decide not to do them anymore.

I sat in the driver’s seat beside the salesman, who was unaware that he was working his wiles for nought, and had no chance of selling this overpriced car to the woman sitting beside him. We were sitting in the car while the salesman bragged about all the car’s wonderful features, and hadn’t yet started the engine.

Because my memory was faulty and the company expected every possible detail in their reports, I always taped all their shopping encounters with a mini recorder I had purchased when I first began mystery shopping. It was an invaluable tool, but every once in a while, I accidentally set it off it at the wrong time.

I had tucked it in my purse and my purse on the seat between me and the salesman. I leaned over to my right and, to my horror, activated the playback. My voice blared from the recorder, “Entering BMW 10:30 AM.” Fortunately, the salesman had turned on the car radio a few moments previously, so only I heard the gaffe, but I knew if it continued, he would hear too.

I grabbed my pocketbook, flung open the door on my side and shouted, as loudly as I could, “Oh my God, cramp! I have a terrible cramp in my leg!” I leaped from the car, fumbling in my pocketbook for the recorder, and danced around several feet from the car, searching for the off button. The salesman also got out of the car, not sure what he should do to help this crazy woman leaping up and down.

I finally turned off the recorder, stopped jumping around, and stood there, gasping, “Oh, thank God, that’s much better.” “Are you all right?” the salesman asked. “Do you still want to continue with the test drive?” I assured him I was fine and I did. We finished the test drive, I told him I needed to think about the sale, went home and filled out the form–which elicited too many follow-up questions from the MSC.  That’s why I vowed never to do anymore car shops ever again.

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2 Responses to You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! Funny Stories about Mystery Shopping

  1. Debbie Colo says:

    That was hilarious…I loved it and could picture it in some movie with Melissa McCarthy playing the part.

    Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2015 21:59:50 +0000 To:

  2. Janice Ward says:

    Quick thinking, like a pro!

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