5 Ways to Make 2016 a Profitable Year for Your Mystery Shopping Business

fall womanClocks have been set back. Votes have been cast. Leaves are falling.

There’s no doubt about it. We are in the thick of Autumn… with holidays fast approaching! And then a new year!

Talking about the new year may seem preliminary to you, but these longer, dark evenings are a perfect time for you to purchase a new calendar and begin to make your business plans for next year.

As we have discussed in previous posts, mystery shopping is a business! And like most businesses, creating goals and planning for the year ahead is typically done in this 4th quarter of the year.

So why shouldn’t you do it as well?

5 Suggestions for Making 2016 a Profitable Year

  1. Decide on the purpose of your mystery shopping business. Is it to make extra cash for a trip, to pay down a bill, for holiday shopping? Or is it to get discounts on meals, event tickets and entertainment venues? Knowing your purpose helps you to make sure you are signed up with the right mystery shopping companies and apply for the secret shopping jobs that make the most sense for your goal.
  1. Review your mystery shops from the last year. Which were profitable? Which were not enjoyable to conduct? Decide where you will focus your efforts on getting mystery shopping assignments and which shops you will eliminate from your circuit of jobs.
  1. Get in touch with your schedulers. If you decide you truly enjoy doing certain shops, let the schedulers know. Find out what the rotation might be and mark your calendar. If you can make it easier for a scheduler to assign a shop – you will be so appreciated!
  1. Look at your profile at the companies where you have signed on. Make sure they are up to date and filled out completely. The more information the schedulers have about you, the more likely you will receive solicits for jobs that fit your profile.
  1. Check your rating. While you are logged into the various Mystery Shopping Company web sites check your rating and if the editor made comments, review them. Determine where you need to brush up on skills – be it writing, understanding instructions or meeting deadlines. Make a concerted effort to improve so as to be able to get more assignments and make more money!

November is a great month to get all prepared for the new year. That way you can hit the ground running on January 1 to make it a very profitable 2016!

Do you have a routine to prepare your business for a new year? Share in the comments! We can all learn from one another.


Do you have questions about mystery shopping? Would you like to connect with other shoppers and hear how they run their mystery shopping business?

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