Funny Mystery Shopping Stories

laughing womanWhat a fun year it is has been! At Market Viewpoint Staff we continue to be so excited when our wonderful shoppers respond to our request for funny mystery shopping stories!

Thank you to all who sent in their humorous tales of interesting interactions during their mystery shop.

This month we feature a story from Nancy:

My husband and I had entered the upscale burger place just after 5 PM which was the beginning time of the shop. We were seated and all was going fine. The server came to our table, took our order, and drinks were served. I thought that they were going to get a very good score as the evening started out great.  This restaurant’s goal was to serve the meal within 10 minutes after the order was taken. They prided themselves with serving the food quickly and wanted to make sure the fries were piping hot.

Next thing we knew, there was the manager gathering all of the servers on duty. My husband and I were seated within 10 feet and the conversation could easily be heard.  They were in a huddle and we overheard the manager say to the servers:  “The mystery shopper is due to come in tonight so we have to get 100%.”  There were other “pep-up talk” to motivate the servers to be diligent.

During this time of the “pep-talk huddle”, I noticed that our meals were on the counter at the kitchen. Fries were getting cold and the 10 minute mark had come and gone. When the servers were released to return to their duties, our meals were served.

Needless to say, the report did not receive 100%.  I just wish I could have seen the manager’s face when he read the report.

We only have one month left in 2015 to share your story – so please send an email to with Funny Story in the subject line!

Everyone can use a laugh!


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