Mystery Shopping During the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

christmas girlOh No! It’s the Holidays!

That’s the cry of mystery shopping schedulers world wide.

And the excuse of mystery shoppers who can’t seem to ‘fit in work’ around the holidays.

But if we work together, there will be no reason for anyone to be shouting out in frustration.

During the year, there are days that our emails to thousands of shoppers in our database are not responded to.


Empty In Boxes.

Unfilled Shops.

And no time is worse than the few weeks surrounding the traditional holiday season in November and December.

This is such an important time in the industries that we serve, yet so many of our independent contractors are busy with holiday planning, wrapping, shopping and preparing that they allow their mystery shopping businesses to fall by the way side.

We understand. We really do. We have holidays to prepare for too.

What Makes You Different

The difference between the mystery shopper who is successful and makes significant money (and gets through the holidays debt free) and one that doesn’t, is the one who treats their mystery like the business it is, and not a hobby.

If you have had a successful year with your mystery shopping, don’t let it stop now.

Schedule your holiday preparations around your ‘work’, not the other way around.

Some suggestions on how to make money, keep schedulers happy, and have the perfect holiday season!

  1. Plan your route: Make your holiday shopping and your mystery shopping work together. Choose mystery shops near the stores and malls where you want to purchase gifts and holiday items.
  1. Look at your calendar and carve out days for making money, days for spending money and days to create and prepare. Most of us can’t do it all in one day!
  1. Tell those you love that your plan is to continue working your business through these weeks in order to make it a debt-free, and therefore, stress free holiday season.

See if they don’t pitch in and help when you present it that way!

My Personal Favorite!

  1. Find a dining shop to enjoy during the busy season. You can enjoy the break from cooking without breaking the budget!
  1. Don’t overbook. Know your limitations and be fair to the schedulers. Last minute cancellations or bailing on a shop doesn’t make our holiday season fun! Your thoughtfulness is the best gift we can receive.

Let’s all work together to make the holiday season a prosperous one for you and a time of year that everyone can enjoy!

Tell us your tips for working and having fun at the same time! Leave your comment below. We read them all!


About Market Viewpoint

Market Viewpoint offers comprehensive mystery shopping services, complete customer service audits, employee and customer surveys, customer focused marketing strategies, and customer service training to help you improve your customer service and outshine your competition.
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5 Responses to Mystery Shopping During the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

  1. Amy says:

    I have found that by using mystery shops not only as a way to supplement my income, but to also aid in my grocery, health & beauty and entertainment budgets, it has made a huge impact. When I need groceries I find grocery store shops and make my required purchase something off my list! Likewise, to celebrate a special occasion with a friend, I try to book a restaurant shop. There are lots of ways to make mystery shopping work for you!

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  3. Michelle McDonald says:

    Thanks Amy for your helpful tips to make mystery shopping work. Since Im an evening student at school, I do a full day of mystery shops on Saturdays and it works perfect for me since I have to do my errands anyway. I love mystery shopping and I wish I would’ve known about this business years ago. Maybe I may get into my own mystery shopping business in the future. Have a good day.

    • Amy Anderson-Milner says:

      Michelle…what a great way to make good use of the time you have available! I’m actually looking to make my shopping days a bit more condensed too. Instead of one or two shops every day, I’ve begun scheduling myself for all day on 2 or 3 days a week. That cuts down on excessive running and makes my trips count. Best of luck to you!

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