Making Mystery Shopping Work For You

piggy bankLast month, our shopper, Amy, responded to our blog post about Mystery Shopping during the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! You can read her comment here.

Mystery shopping is work. And it is a business. But the best part about this business is how your work can integrate into your life – and help you with budgeting, gift giving, research and dining out.

Often, when reading the mystery shopping boards and forums, we see shoppers who are dissatisfied with the reimbursements or pay for dining shops or retail assignments.

We ask that you keep it in perspective.

First, our client sets the reimbursement amounts. Yes, at our guidance. But most simply could not afford to pay for your family to eat soup to nuts, drinks included.

Similar to Amy, we have shoppers who understand that if you can take your family to dinner and save $20 to $30 or more off the bill – even if you do have to pay attention and write up a report – you’ve still had an evening out or lunch at a discounted price.

As we have said many times, very few people are able to make this a full time profession with a full time salary. And if they do, it’s because they are signed up with many, many mystery shopping companies, scan the boards for jobs, plan a route and maximize their time and effort – each and every day!

If you are a more casual sort of mystery shopper, then try to look at an assignment to see how it will work for you.

A ‘free’ $5 item at the grocery store?

A discounted movie ticket?

Getting paid to visit a bank or school you might be interested in joining?

Mystery shopping can be rewarding in more ways than cash in the bank. Utilize your resources and make it work for you!

P.S. Thanks, Amy, for the inspiration for this post!


Do you have questions about mystery shopping? Would you like to connect with other shoppers and hear how they run their mystery shopping business?

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