Funny Mystery Shopping Stories

laugh black and whiteWhat a fun year it is has been! Thanks to all of you who have shared your humorous tales of interesting interactions during your mystery shops.

This month, our last for this series, we will share a couple of stories:

Angela from Kentucky writes:

We have taught our children to tell the truth and be merciful toward others when the offender has done something wrong.  Our youngest child is already a seasoned member of my “shopping team” on shops that approve children as guests.  After years of observing me role play scenarios that had nothing in common with our reality, and document service performances that were less than standard, including theft, my child remarked disapprovingly, “You are a professional liar and a tattle-tale.”

From Anonymous

My husband and I do not do that many breakfast shops. However, we happened to do the same out-of-the-way location a month apart…and we happened to have the same server.  On the first visit, she forgot to bring us the sugar free syrup and extra butter which had been requested.  Other than that it was a good visit.

On the second visit, she made the same mistake.  When she brought the forgotten items, she was all giggly and flustered as she inquired, “Are you mystery shoppers?”  My husband, with a very straight face responded with, “What’s that, did we win something?”

The server, very flustered, responded a garbled something like “people who check us out to see how we are doing” or something like that.  Apparently my husband pulled off the response as the server left with a red face.  Otherwise the shop was good.

We wondered how she took it when the report came in and she found out that we had indeed been mystery shoppers, especially since she had repeated the same mistake.

Stay tuned for more fun activities in 2016! We love to hear your stories!


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