Shopper Habits

shopping womenIn order to work most effectively and efficiently, there are certain habits and routines that should be established when you are accepting and preparing for shops.

  • Always identify yourself to the mystery-shopping company you are applying to or corresponding with. Many times companies solicit and receive replies that say, “I’d love to do this shop,” but no name or address is given. (Some MS company databases have over 15,000 people.) On any correspondence you send, make it a habit to include your full name, address and phone number. Have this ready as a signature that is always attached to your emails.
  • When you do receive an assignment, immediately check that you can open any forms, or access the website. Read through the information and confirm that you will be able to do the shop. Understand what it is you are being paid to do, and make sure you are comfortable with this. If you have any questions or concerns, contact your scheduler at that time. Do not wait until the due date, or later, to tell a scheduler you don’t want to or can’t do a job.
  • ALWAYS confirm your shop. With today’s spam filters, we need to know that you received your shop. If not, we might reassign it.
  • Do a mental run through of the shop. Think of all the questions that might be asked of you. Be prepared with responses for the associate. Have ready your questions that will get for you the information you need to fill out your report. Be creative.  This is your chance to win that Golden Globe or Academy Award!

When practiced routinely, specific actions will become habits that will gain you the assignments and the rewards of being a great mystery shopper!

Do you have a routine you follow when you are assigned a shop? Let us know your helpful habits! Share in the comment section below.


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4 Responses to Shopper Habits

  1. Dave Mayo says:

    My helpful habits I do is to look at the scenario the day the shop is assigned rather than the day I am expected to perform the assignment. I have contacted many schedulers since 2006 and suggested to them the scenario screamed, “I am the mystery shopper!” They thanked me, contacted the client and changed the scenario.

    Schedulers did not warn shoppers the shoppers needed skills relative to the demographic they were going to. If the scheduler is getting cancellations the day of the shop after the shopper drove by and kept on going the scheduler should debrief the shopper to avoid getting flaked again.

    The scheduler should suggest to shoppers they speak a certain language or have inter-city knowledge and appearance. I can change my clothes and use my ghetto mobile and be believable. I can use my other vehicle and appear to be able to afford the jewelry, the vehicle or the high end restaurant.

    Unless you are of the demographic or are a thespian they will know you are the shopper. Check your application to make sure you did not mislead the scheduler to offer assignments you would not qualify for. If you find you flaked because of a misunderstanding, tell scheduler what you found and why you dumped the shop to live another day.

    Schedulers do not like calling me to save them at the last minute. I know my limitations I do not speak languages I do not take pictures. If the schedulers tell me what they need in the offer rather than have me discover those requirements when I get the guidelines I would pass and not waste my time and the scheduler’s time by applying for the shop or disappoint the scheduler when I discover “deal breakers”. not previously revealed,

  2. Dave, Thanks for your insight. Our schedulers do try to vet out the correct shopper for the scenario, but at times, even the MS company does not know of the specific needs of a location until after the first shopper goes out to do the shop. We do try our best to give as much info up front – but your comments are a good reminder to make sure we do an even better job each and every time.

    • Dave Mayo says:

      I never performed a shop for Market View point so obviously I was not referring to your company. I have been a Silver certified MSPA shopper since 2006, I have performed thousands of shops.

      Before I retired I was a paralegal. Attorneys gave me papers to review because when I proof read the papers I saved them from embarrassment many times and I was appreciated.

      That is why companies put erasers on pencils, but not on those short golf pencils. Apparently golfers are tempted to be creative if they are having a bad day but if you do not have an eraser you must live with reality.

      I look forward to serving you one of these days when you offer a shop in New Jersey North and east of Interstate 287.

  3. If you’re using technology on your shop or route, have a backup. Have an extra battery, an extra charging cable, etc. I shop rural areas where there is NO cell phone service! So no wi-fi. When I’m going there, my “back up” is actual printed copies of everything, plus a supply of paper and

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