What Makes a Successful Mystery Shopper

stock shoppingHow do we measure success in the mystery shopping business? There are thousands of mystery shoppers out there, but some seem to be continually busy and rise to the top of the list every time an assignment is posted. No matter what the job, if the shopper has the following abilities, they have a better likelihood of being chosen for the shop:

  • Communication Skills – Staying in touch with the MS company to confirm, follow up, and immediately contact them if there is a problem with the shop should be the priority for mystery shoppers.
  • Writing Ability – A report that needs little revising and editing saves everyone time and money. A shopper who can recreate their experience in a concise, factual manner, using proper grammar and punctuation, is a valued shopper. Use of tools available on computer systems can help in this area.
  • Following Direction and Meeting Deadlines – For many shops, the client is looking to measure a particular aspect of their business. Following the specific directions given is essential to the success of the program for the client. Deadlines are set to coincide with meetings, reviews and reporting purposes, and are therefore extremely important to meet.
  • Flexibility – While this is not important for every job, those shoppers who take the last minute shop, are willing to do any type of shop, and will drive a little farther than usual at times, are the shoppers who seem to come to mind when a shop is being filled.

When we think about the shoppers who work for us time after time, these are the qualities that stand out. Do you have what it takes to be a successful mystery shopper? Tell us below!


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Market Viewpoint offers comprehensive mystery shopping services, complete customer service audits, employee and customer surveys, customer focused marketing strategies, and customer service training to help you improve your customer service and outshine your competition.
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4 Responses to What Makes a Successful Mystery Shopper

  1. When doing an assignment, I try to be as observant as possible. This can be very helpful when filling out your report.

  2. Dave Mayo says:

    If you are a thespian and know your limits you can be an extraordinary mystery shopper. I am a male I would not take a female shop. It does not matter what economic demographic I really am, I have performed in many real life situations and I have been a problem solver. being quick to adjust and respond is essential. I can talk to a jeweler or a high end vehicle salesperson or walk into a high end restaurant or visit a merchant in certain parts of the urban area where you will be a victim of the environment or a member ot that community, A change of clothes, a change of the car you drive and a change of attitude makes you believable but it does not make youSpanish if you can not speak Spanish or any other nationality or ethnic group if you do not speak and look the part. I am believable or I do not take the assignment I do not flake once I am committed. I am not committed unless the client and I have a “meeting of the minds”. In my state it is not a contract unless both parties state the terms. If a painter gives an estimate to paint a house the client can not add on a garage and expect the painter to paint the garage also unless the contract is modified and a meeting of the minds occurs to include the garage. If the terms are not known until the guidelines are made available and the guidelines differ from the offer I reserve the right to adjust my fee or decline the job. The client has other options an can either agree to the terms or get another independent contractor to perform the job. I do not go to New York City unless the cost of parking and tolls are included as I am not a charity.The client must pay the real costs involved.I would rather NOT work for a client who will not pay the real expenses involved in an assignment. (pet peeve).

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