How to Make Money by Reading Your Email

emailWOW! A blog post earlier this month was written to ask for our reader’s to help in spreading the word about the mystery shopping industry.

At the end of the piece, we asked shoppers to tell us what they LOVE about mystery shopping. You can read the individual comments here.

Thank you to each of you who took the time to share your thoughts about this line of work. It’s nice to know it is so rewarding to so many of you.

What a welcome relief it was to see all of those positive comments. And how much you LOVE to shop! And why! ….because there are days where we wonder if any shoppers are looking at the email mystery shopping providers and schedulers send.

We hit “SEND” to 6,000 people and no one applies for a shop.

Not a one. Nothing. It hurts.

We understand that everyone is overwhelmed with too much information and, without a doubt, too many emails in their inbox.

If you are a typical shopper you may have emails from several mystery shopping schedulers in your inbox in the morning, and you say “I’ll look at them later.”

Later never happens because by the time you go back to look at the first few, there are 10 or 20 more, you get overwhelmed and you just hit delete.

Please stop!

No one makes money hitting delete.

You’ll only make money in this business by opening your email and seeing where there are mystery shopping assignment opportunities.

Here are 5 suggestions for actually opening emails, applying for shops and making money as a mystery shopper.

  1. Get a dedicated mystery shopping email address. Have all of your email from mystery shopping companies go to this box, or
  2. Re-direct your mystery shopping emails at your current email address to a specific folder in your email account. You can find out how to do this in the Tools section of most email programs.
  3. Once you have all of your mystery shopping emails in one spot, find a time each day where all you will do is open each one, scan it to see if it applies to you, then save or delete. Stay dedicated to this time. All you need to allow is 10-15 minutes, MAX!
  4. Go back to the saved emails and click on the link to apply for the assignment, making sure you follow instructions on how to properly do so.
  5. For emails from schedulers you have assigned you to a job: Save the emails in another folder and mark your calendar for the date of the shop. Download instructions or materials you need for the shop and put them in a physical folder that you keep specifically for your mystery shopping jobs. Then you will be ready on the day of your assignment to re-read the instructions and be on your way!

With a system such as this, you will likely find you apply for more shops, and, in turn, get assigned more shops.

Finding mystery shop assignments should be neither overwhelming nor a mystery. With a plan and a purpose, you will find that reading your email results in making much more money than hitting delete will.

Do you have a system for going through email and applying for shops? Please share so others can learn!


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Market Viewpoint offers comprehensive mystery shopping services, complete customer service audits, employee and customer surveys, customer focused marketing strategies, and customer service training to help you improve your customer service and outshine your competition.
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11 Responses to How to Make Money by Reading Your Email

  1. Stephanie says:

    I look at all the emails from one sender at a time. If there’s something I’m interested in, I go to the website and apply. When I return to my inbox, I can delete all of the emails from that one sender. I then go to the next sender.

  2. Phoebe Lou Roome says:

    I look at each email I get from Mystery Shop companies and decide if I want to look into it. I go to the site, accept the available job. I print each shop invitation and put it in the pile…according to the date. I do not store it in a special place. It is still on my computer. When the shop is done and reported, I delete it. I do not like to have a lot of folders. I enjoy getting reminders. That way I will not miss a shop. Mystery Shopping is a wonderful way at make money and keep me busy, I can choose which shops I want and when I want to do them. I have been a shopper for over 18 years. Once in a while I am discovered….Phoebe Roome

  3. Melody says:

    In Michigan you do not, nor do a lot of other companies, have openings except for dining, car dealerships whereby you need a specific car model (and I’m not about to “borrow” some one’s car for the assignment. Not interested in either of these assignments – don’t want to be “reimbursed” – trying to earn money, not spend it.

    • Melody – Please try to sign up with more companies. Check out the list of companies at While we do not have a lot of shops in Michigan – I do know a lot of other companies do have shops in Michigan. They would likely be shops you would enjoy doing. Your skills as a good mystery shopper are always needed.d But most especially for jobs you enjoy conducting. Best of luck to you!

  4. Merry says:

    I learned to check emails on a schedule from working in the corporate world. I usually check them twice a day, once in the morning when I am preparing my day, checking my to do list, and checking my assignments for the day, and then in the evening after submitting my reports. This means that I have a better opportunity to be assigned to shops that I would like to do. If I have a few moments throughout the day I will periodically check them. Otherwise I find that I am overwhelmed with emails, both junk and from MSC’s.

    • Merry – thank you for sharing your process with us. Routine is a great stabilizer in keeping track of emails, assignments and questions between you and a scheduler. We appreciate your contribution to this subject and wish you continued success in your mystery shopping business.

  5. Chris Baley says:

    When I 1st started mystery shopping, I took the advice I was given and set up a completely separate email address just for this “business.” The colored star icons in Google that appear in the front of the message line help me to determine what to mark a shop as. Green star is assigned and waiting for the date. Purple star is applied for and waiting to get assigned. Red star means there is a problem that needs resolved. Of course the check marks, asterisks and exclamation points of different colors can also mean something. Whatever works best for the user. Of course, I put everything in a calendar. also. I have signed up with every company I have ever ran across, weather they are in my area or not. The current emails stay in the inbox until the assignment is finished or no longer valid, before being archived to the company folder. Each company has it’s own folder. Very few emails get deleted, some I’ve had since 2011! There’s plenty of room in Google. For the longest time I did not even get any SPAM mail, until I accidentally signed up with some place I should not have and they must have “sold” my info. Of course, SPAM does not make it to the inbox.

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