How Super Easy is this Shop?

3 women shopping funReading the posts on forums and social media mystery shopping groups, we see a lot of shoppers complaining about the headline or subject lines ‘super easy shop’ or ‘fun shop’.

Several people have written to share how they feel deceived, that the shops are anything but simple and they feel underpaid and undervalued.

Super easy and fun, are, of course, subjective definitions of anything.

I may think zip lining is super easy and fun, and you may believe it is a paralyzing activity that one would be crazy to spend money to do.

Or Sally may believe that cooking up a breakfast of bacon, eggs and home fries is super easy, and Kathy thinks popping a bagel into the toaster is tough to do!

See… super easy and fun are the perception of the participant.

Schedulers and account managers know that your in box is on overload. However, we do have to fill shops and we need to attract your attention.

And, we can only define shops from our perception.

A parking garage shop where you need to pull in, park, walk around the garage to check out the facility, and then leave and pay sounds a lot easier to us than early childhood education shop where you need to make a call, an appointment, take a tour and wait for follow up.

Going to a hotel or taking a cruise as a mystery shop assignment can be super fun, but it is anything but easy. Most shops like these are pages long!

So… we hear you – and we will try not to define the shops with phrases that may not meet your perception.

On the other hand, we ask that if a shop doesn’t fit your situation, instead of complaining on boards, why not share it with a friend who may enjoy doing something like this?

After all, sharing an email is easy to do, isn’t it?

Which types of shops (no company names, please) have you found to be super easy or super fun?


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8 Responses to How Super Easy is this Shop?

  1. jeff augason says:

    I love to do shops that I have been doing for years. Once I get the details and I know what I am doing I love to go back and back When I do a shop for the first time ever it’s a stressful shop. Teller shops, video shops other than new homes or apartments. I think that its the report that makes or breaks it. The verifier that is looking over the form. Shops that have less narrative and Yes and No questions. Shops that have a huge bonus on them. LOL>..

  2. Repeat shops are great stress-free shops. I wouldn’t say any of them are ‘fun’ – I am working. I would really love if instead of subjective adjectives the shop descriptions would give an estimate of time – to prepare, to perform and to report – and level of complexity facts such as # of questions, # of narratives, # of pictures.

  3. Hi I’ve been a shopper for the last 6 years for a company that’s owned by one person yet I only did the same retail stores within my area,however before you say it’s too much ,place yourself in the Company that has hired us to do those shops ,they’re criteria of how that employees performance is placed in our hands ,OUR HANDS ,!,and what you rate this person or that store or the real estate office for a rental is VERY IMPORTANT ,YOU took on the this sort of work for a reason so maybe if you shoppers out there TUNED OUT cell phones music and personal stuff and focus on the shop it WILL go by quicker , yes I know the forms are sometimes ,very long,these company’s set these standards for a reason ,it’s so we can put they’re minds at ease regarding the employee and the customer service . CUSTOMER SERVICE IS CUSTOMER SERVICE ,THIS IS WHAT WE DO SO BUCK UP, sorry to be so direct ,but it’s what we do ,other people would love to do what we do , and if your really good at it ,there a lot of money to make ,it’s all a a simple strategy ,figure it out,,,,, Sincerally ,F,Marquez

  4. Ann says:

    I love reward shops where you get to do the reward if the person does the right thing. These are pretty rare. I find the ones where I do things I would normally do anyway easier such as eating out or parking. I avoid shops where I feel you are setting up the person to make a mistake.

  5. paigea says:

    I agree with Jeff that new to me shops are stressful. I would never judge a shop as bad based on my first attempt at it.
    I loved getting paid to work out at a Gym. I am sure others would not like that.

  6. Raymond says:

    I am a highly fluent and articulate English speaker although not born in USA.
    I will sometimes substitute an “S” for a “Z” in words like “organise” or “realise” and my UK spelling checker accepts these.
    Some reviewers , who have probably been English/American language teachers often penalise my score for spelling and grammatical errors.
    In most cases they are wrong!

  7. David Mayo says:

    I am “retired” but I will take a convenience store shop to pick up lunch. There are usually several on the way to the beach. I must be careful not to drop the sandwich in the sand as I do not want that kind of SANDwich.
    Instead of doing a crossword puzzle that pays me nothing. I will print out the report questions and answer them under the umbrella as I lay on my beach chair. Someone has to do it!
    If I can get another shop along the way and it is as easy as picking a $15 or $20 bill off the street as I pass by I will bend over and pick it up! I may get my car serviced. and still have time to get to the beach. That is worth about $30.
    I love to annoy car dealers who want me to drive their really expensive luxury vehicles. I am so tempted to answer, when a salesperson asks, “What would you like to drive?” “You up a wall!” flashes across my mind, . but I suppress that and let the salesperson discover that themselves.. .
    I am usually dressed casually for the beach. Some sales people have commented on my casual beach outfit. You get these sales people that tries to “count your money”.to see if you qualify to buy one of their vehicles. In reality I can buy their $70,000 to 1000,000 ,vehicle for cash if I choose. and my financial adviser lets me do it, I drive something more modest,
    When you get as old as I am and paid your dues you can dress as you choose and drive what you chose. It is FUN to be the customer from Hell. Another salesperson told me he would be afraid to shake my hand,, he would have to count is fingers to see if he got them all back. If it is NOT FUN, I AIN’T GONNA DO IT!
    I told one salesperson, when he attempted to give me the “bums rush” out the door,”You will not be wealthy enough to buy one of these unless you change your attitude.”.”Would you like me to ask your manager if he will give me a salesperson who wants to sell vehicles?” I was serious..
    I have purchased more than 30 NEW (never previously owned) vehicles each one better than the previous vehicle. Obviously I was not on a shop.when I mentored the salesperson.
    I do shops cheerfully, intelligently and with integrity to pay forward for the feedback I got when I became an entrepreneur at 14 years old, That business lasted over 50 years.and was quite successful. I hope my feedback will be valuable to the client and the editor will let the client determine what is valuable. and I hope my thoughts will help shoppers who struggle.

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