Be A Resource, Not a Tattletale

gossipA few weeks back we discussed how to wisely choose the right mystery shopping companies to work with, books to read and conferences to attend.

There are also many ‘boards’ and ‘groups’ on social media and the web that provide you with opportunity to share your thoughts, grievances and victories with other mystery shoppers.

Kind of like the water cooler of the mystery shopping world.

Just like standing around the water cooler in an office, gossiping about Mary’s latest faux pas, talking about mystery shopping companies, schedulers, editors and other shoppers can be entertaining, but it can also do damage to your own reputation.

Be alert to know who you are interacting with and how public your words will become.

Without a doubt, most schedulers and admin people in mystery shopping companies do not have time to pour over these boards and social media threads looking to spy on their mystery shoppers. They have jobs to fill, reports to process, and families to feed.

Yet, they do have to post open jobs at these sites, and like anyone passing the water cooler in an office, they just might eavesdrop and ‘hear’ (read) something that will make them think a bit differently about you.

Instead of going on and on about how unfair this scheduler or that company was to you, find a way to turn your tale of woe into one that will help others avoid the same situation. Being resourceful (and humble) are traits that everyone looks for.

The industry will only be raised to higher levels with the sharing of helpful hints, enterprising entrepreneurs, and creative minds. While what you do may not be rocket science, it is important to the companies you do it for and for those who contract with them to do it.

Enjoy the boards! We all need to interact with others! But be a positive force so you can be a resourceful, successful mystery shopper!

Share with others! Tell us about something you have learned from someone else in the industry that made mystery shopping easier for you!


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