Summer Fun – Preparation and Attitude!

summer shoppingWe’re edging up on summer vacation! Yahoo!

You’ve planned that week down at the shore or up in the mountains. You check in at a hotel or your lakeside cabin, run into town for a quick bite to eat, stock up on sunscreen at the local branch of the national chain, and set up a chair on the warm sand. Ahh….. it feels good to relax.

Prior to breathing that Ahhh… you’ve interacted with at least half dozen people or more who are not vacationing this week – they are providing services to you!

And their employers? They want to be sure that every single tourist feels like they are the most important vacationer in town. So they continue mystery shopping throughout the summer.

There is no ‘down time’ for the mystery shopping business.

Now, we are not suggesting that you never take a vacation, but to recognize with simple planning and a very good attitude about what you do – you can continue to earn money prior to leaving and while away on vacation. And it won’t cut into your vacation time!

You already know you should be signed up with multiple companies. It is well worth your while to spend some time at their website, or to email your scheduler or account manager to find out what types of shops they do and in which parts of the country they do them.

Are you visiting that area or driving through? See if you can’t spend a few minutes at a local establishment conducting a shop. You may get a meal paid for, free entrance to an attraction, or at the very least offset some of the cost of your gas money for your trip.

Your schedulers will so welcome a known face in an area that they normally don’t shop! It’s what keeps the mystery in our business!

That’s the Preparation part … now the Attitude

So many of us feel we ‘deserve’ our vacation and ‘earned the right’ to not work for a week. We adopt an attitude of ‘no reality’ for our vacation, yet fail to realize missed opportunities for continuing to grow our business.

All small business owners must adapt a credo of discipline, positivity and perseverance. Why not carry these fine traits with you into your vacation?

In reality – most mystery shops take very little time out of your day. Why not weave the ability to continue to earn money into your vacation so you can enjoy it that much more!

Preparation and Attitude – they will make your summer so much more successful than you ever thought!

Now go find those shops in the new places you are exploring! Check out our job boards at


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Market Viewpoint offers comprehensive mystery shopping services, complete customer service audits, employee and customer surveys, customer focused marketing strategies, and customer service training to help you improve your customer service and outshine your competition.
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