Earn Extra Income with these Mystery Shopping Apps

Mobile-Shopping-AppsLong gone are the days of faxing in mystery shopping reports.

If you were a mystery shopper in the 1990’s and even in to the first couple of years of the 00’s –  you faxed or mailed (yes, post office mail!) your report back to the mystery shopping company. And then they may have even had a ‘typist’ type in your data to a form THEY faxed to their client.

Slow. Old.

Wow – we’ve come a long, long way.

Today’s technology and apps are programmed to allow your report to go straight from your smart phone to the client. And it does happen with certain types of reports. But not all. Most are still reviewed by the mystery shopping company.

However, where the technology has really made the change is how YOU, the mystery shopper, learn about possible assignments.

There is the traditional email solicitation, where you get the email, click on the link, apply for the job and wait to see if you were accepted. Long and lengthy, but still necessary where the shopper needs to be prequalified on a number of points.

But you don’t have to be reading your email to learn about these shops.

If you are signed up with one or more companies that use the Sassie reporting platform, download the Shop Notifier App – which links you to ALL the companies you are signed up with who use the Sassie platform. It’s a quick and easy way to be notified when shops are available without searching through emails. Apply for them while you are on the go.

Or the Job Slinger Facebook App which will allow you to view shops that have been posted through the Job Slinger site.

Some shops are self-assign, so you know instantaneously if you got the shop! Choose your date, confirm your shop and you are good to go! (And maybe you are already there!)

And then there are those shops that are literally called Presto Shops which are slightly different than mystery shops. These are all self-assign – and they have to be completed within a certain time limit after you’ve accepted the shop.

Make that smart phone help you earn money! Download these apps to help you find shops more quickly, see what is available WHERE YOU ARE (instead of going to where they are) and start increasing your home-based business income today!

Do you use any of these (or other) mystery shopping apps? Tell us about your experience.


About Market Viewpoint

Market Viewpoint offers comprehensive mystery shopping services, complete customer service audits, employee and customer surveys, customer focused marketing strategies, and customer service training to help you improve your customer service and outshine your competition.
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9 Responses to Earn Extra Income with these Mystery Shopping Apps

  1. Chris Baley says:

    Although I have most of these Apps installed already, I have been slow to start using them. If I still had a car, like I used to, I would probably be using them already. I guess I will have to get in the habit of checking them out each time I’m at a different location. Any cash I make from them will go into the car repair fund. Seems that may be the only way I’ll be able to save to get it fixed.

  2. Chris – we encourage you to use them whenever you are out and about. Hopefully it will help you get that car on the road asap!

  3. Kevin Beck says:

    In addition to the ones you mentioned, one that I also use extensively is Nobi-Audit. It links with every company that uses the ShopMetrics reporting system, and works very well. It allows shoppers to apply for shops directly on multiple job boards, and also links directly to the report forms that you can fill in while in your vehicle just after completing the shops–a feature that Sassie doesn’t allow for yet.

  4. Eddie S Warner says:

    Mobee, Gigawalk, Easy Shift, ISS MSI, GIGSPOT, secret shopper, and Field Agent

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