Save Big on Back To School Supplies, Snacks and More!

back-to-schoolWe barely stop waving our red, white and blue flags and craning our necks to see the fireworks before the back to school ads and the latest college dorm accessories are lining the aisles.

And some of us have not yet even had a chance to laze away an afternoon, dip our toes in a lake, river or ocean, or slurp up a double dip ice cream cone!

It is amazing how the marketing cycle can rule our psyche, but we can profit from it!

Mixed Up Seasons

We are no longer able to savor the aroma, feel or afterglow of the current season before the next one is thrust upon us by retailers. Anxious to get to Black Friday and understand their bottom line for the year, store promotions rush us from one holiday to the next.

As mystery shoppers, however, this consumer-focused atmosphere works to your advantage.

Retailers need to evaluate and assess their staff and stores prior to the busy holiday shopping season so as to be sure everything is working as expected. They need your feedback so as to tweak, train and make changes to maximize sales.

These types of shops are listed on job boards – and your feedback is more important than ever in the rapidly changing world of retail.

Mystery Shopping Bonus

An added bonus to making money while you shop is your opportunity to use coupons, apps and loyalty cards to help you save money while making required purchases for shops.

Do the math: Making money + saving money (plus tax deductions) = More Money in YOUR Wallet

Be creative in the way you think about how to apply the purchases and savings for shops you do. You can easily apply payments received and reimbursements to items you need – making these costs almost ‘free’ for you!

No one in your home goes to school? Perhaps you or someone you know needs office supplies? Or can you donate the items you need to buy for the shop to a local school or charity? (Another tax write off!)

When you conduct a grocery store shop, use it as an opportunity to purchase specific snack and lunchbox items – they will be ‘paid for’ when you get your compensation for the shop.

Think about holiday, birthday and thank you gifts for others when you shop. Reduce your expenses by purchasing gift items when doing your mystery shops.

Mystery shopping may be WORK for  you – but you can make mystery shopping work FOR you as well.

Be smart, accept shops wisely and use the tools available to your advantage to maximize your profits!

Note: Not all mystery shopping company clients allow use of coupons or gift cards during a shop – so always double check with your scheduler if you are not sure!

Do you have a way you ‘earn’ extra or make special purchases when you mystery shop? Please share in the comment section below!


About Market Viewpoint

Market Viewpoint offers comprehensive mystery shopping services, complete customer service audits, employee and customer surveys, customer focused marketing strategies, and customer service training to help you improve your customer service and outshine your competition.
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7 Responses to Save Big on Back To School Supplies, Snacks and More!

  1. granma says:

    Most of the shops I do are grocery shops ..I try to do as many as possible and buy as little as allowed on each. I split my grocery needs and get almost all my grocery purchases paid back. I also double up and try to do several shops on each trip, as I live in a rural area and have to travel to do any of them. Like an apartment shop and a car shop on the way to the grocery shop.

  2. granma says:

    A lot of mystery shoppers also “dumpster dive” **this is not as gross as it sounds** ( check out some of the pages on face book, just type in dumpster diving) this is an awesome way to get more for the trip, lots of stores throw out new shoes and clothes with tags still on them which can be sold at flea markets and online. the rule in our home is every time the car moves, somebody is getting paid for something

    • While we are not sure dumpster diving is for everyone, if it works for you – well then – go for it. But we do like the rule about the car moving. An excellent philosophy to live by.

  3. granma says:

    Why can it not be possible to have a general website or page where you can type in what you want and see if anyone is wanting shops for that, instead of having to go to all the companies separately…Like, why can’t I just go to …..and say I need new shoes or I want to go bowling or….. and up pops a list of companies that want that done?????

    • If you review our post about apps to use,, you will find some resources that provide close to what you are looking for. Remember, each mystery shopping provider is a separate company, so the closest we get to a shared database is the software we use. Our firm uses Sassie – and Sassie has provided apps to help you find shops from any Sassie software user you are signed up with. If you read the comments section from that post, you will see other apps recommended by shoppers to help you maximize your time and resources when out and about. Hope that helps.

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