Top Rated Mystery Shoppers Do These 5 Things (ALWAYS!) Before Submitting a Report

writing-computerEvery week, mystery shoppers contact their schedulers or account managers at mystery shopping companies to ask for an explanation of the rating received for a particular shop.

And we are always happy to let them know what they can do to improve their reports! (So don’t ever be shy about asking).

Let’s review the basics of what every mystery shopping company expects to see in a report.

A GOOD mystery shop report includes:

  1. Detailed observations of activities
  2. Capture of names or descriptions of staff
  3. On time submission of the report
  4. Readable comments that answer the question (s) being asked
  5. Consistency between checked off Yes/No’s and the comments

A GREAT (A-Rated, 10 Star)  mystery shop report includes:

ALL of the above – plus excellent sentence structure, grammar, spelling and punctuation. A GREAT report leaves no questions unanswered and requires very little, if any, editing.

There is a very distinguishable difference between mystery shopping reports where the shopper:

  1. Uses spell check
  2. Uses a program such as Grammarly
  3. Re-reads their report before hitting the submit button to make sure their sentences and thoughts make sense
  4. Understands (and double check) the 13 grammar mistakes highlighted in the infographic below (and others!)
  5. Care that their report makes a good impression

Reminder: The only evidence we have of your work is the report you submit. You may have excellent observation skills and be the timeliest person on earth…..

But, if we can’t read your report, understand what you observed, or ‘see’ the experience you had during your shop, you have provided little value to our client.

Be proud of the work you do. Follow the 5 steps to be sure to submit reports that are A+ documents!


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What resources do you use to be sure you submit A+ reports? Please share below!

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Market Viewpoint offers comprehensive mystery shopping services, complete customer service audits, employee and customer surveys, customer focused marketing strategies, and customer service training to help you improve your customer service and outshine your competition.
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2 Responses to Top Rated Mystery Shoppers Do These 5 Things (ALWAYS!) Before Submitting a Report

  1. Raymond Guy says:

    I have a few years in Mystery shopping with various companies throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and I find it very interested and really enjoy shopping parttime. However, I have performed work for (another mystery shopping company) in evaluating student exams at Memorial University here in Newfoundland and really enjoyed the experience and knowledge that I gained on this project.
    In the meantime, while reading your Market Viewpointment I have never seen any comments on these types of projects which are available a lot here in Newfoundland. I would appreciate if someone could elaborate on this subject if possible.
    Thank you,
    Raymond Guy

    • Hi Ray! We are glad you have found mystery shopping work interesting and enjoyable. We do not have the type of client you are describing, so cannot really comment on it. Each mystery shopping company pursues different types of clients – so you might have to see if the other mystery shopping company has more information on the subject.

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