Do You Know Someone Who Has an “Empty Nest”? Important Info to Share

college empty nestLook around when you are on the road!

The highways are filled with cars packed to the brim with clothes, bedding, laundry baskets, tiny fridges – and excited and emotional humans!

Going off to college (or kindergarten!) is exciting for you and your child. A time of new beginnings and possibilities for everyone.

As you open the nest and watch your baby fly, when you turn around, you may also notice a calendar that has a lot of white space. It is time for you to place your needs and wants at the forefront now that the calendar is no longer filled with your child’s activities.

Let a greater involvement in mystery shopping become part of your ‘new routine’.

Whether you are a brand new shopper – or a well-seasoned one –  this new stage of life offers additional opportunities for you to look at mystery shopping through a new lens.

Aside from providing money to assist with tuition payments, you may be able to expand your mystery shopping opportunities into:

  1. Weekends away (hotel shops). Perhaps even for parent weekends at their college!
  2. More lunch and dinner dates. Many dining shops provide reimbursement for a decent meal for two. This will give you time to catch up with friends or even have a ‘date’ night with your spouse.
  3. Road trips! Why not try route shopping if your commitments at home have decreased? Visit with an old friend or a destination site you have always wanted to see. Find several shops along the way to cut down your expenses. And maybe do a hotel shop!
  4. A chance to learn something new. If you’ve not video shopped before, consider taking one of the classes offered through MSPA-NA or one of the other mystery shopping organizations. This will expand your possibilities for mystery shopping opportunities. And, just like your child, you’ll be expanding your mind as well.
  5. A real, full time job – with flexibility. Not sure what you want to do with the ‘next phase’ of your life? Mystery shopping is a great way to be out in the work force – but on your own terms.

Those first few weeks of an empty nest can be a time of nostalgia and reflection on what you have accomplished as a parent.

Embrace it! And then move forward by getting involved in something you love. And we know you love mystery shopping!

If this post doesn’t apply to you, but you do have a friend or relative who is in this stage of life, please forward or share with them! We are always looking for new shoppers!

How have you filled your empty nest? Please share below!


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2 Responses to Do You Know Someone Who Has an “Empty Nest”? Important Info to Share

  1. Kathryn Stellmack says:


    You are a wonderful person – I know that as I hugged you at the conference in Las Vegas.
    Empty nests come in many forms – for me it was the death of my husband.
    Since then I have become even more involved working for and with abused children.
    – I volunteer to give hugs at the local children’s shelter for children babies to 12 who have been sexually or physically abused at home and are removed by the authorities to temporarily live at a place called Grandma’s Place in Royal Palm Beach Florida. Unfortunately there are shelters and places like this in almost every community that desperately need volunteers – or as I say “someone to hug those babies”.

    I am a Guardian ad Litem in the court system which means I speak for the children. I meet with the kids who have been assigned to me at least once a month to see what is going on in their lives and then when their court case comes up I am there to tell the judge what I have seen.

    Last year in Florida there were about 127 children who died from either abuse or neglect. We all say “oh isn’t that terrible, someone should do something” – well the answer is individuals can do something to help these children.

    • Kathryn,

      I remember that hug well! And thank you for reminding us that the empty nest does come in many forms. Your work with the children will not go unnoticed and we hope you continue to spread your hugs and support of the children. Thanks for sharing.

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