Living the Dream … as a Mystery Shopper – Part 1

living-the-dream-3Living the dream…. Isn’t that what you thought being a mystery shopper would provide for you?

Working from home.

Flexible hours.

Being available for kids, relatives, to volunteer or spend more time doing what you like to do.

Sitting on your back porch sipping coffee as you enter reports or look at the boards for jobs.

Living the Dream!

So why are you still feeling stressed about not having enough work or having too much work, getting reports in on time and finding those darn receipts you uploaded to the computer or are scrunched up at the bottom of your purse?

We could say it’s because you’ve been spending too much time sipping too much coffee on your back porch…. But that is not really the reason.

Because, no matter what type of independent contracting or work-from-home activity you do, it is still …. work. And most of us tend to avoid work when we can.

To make Living the Dream type of work, work, you need to:

  • Know your purpose
  • Have a plan
  • Set boundaries
  • Be accountable

We’ll talk about this in two parts because it will be important for you to take some action after each posting in order to make Living the Dream as a mystery shopper a reality for you.

Your Purpose

No one Lives the Dream without knowing why they do what they do.

Successful people – no matter what their field might be, understand the why of what they do. Warren Buffet and the surfer dude on the beach follow completely different paths, but they both understand why they do what they do.

Anyone building a business or following their passion to generate income has to have a purpose or goal in mind.

The purpose could be financial. It could be freedom from working for others. Or it could be to help others grow and succeed.

It doesn’t matter what the purpose is, but whatever IT is, the purpose is what drives successful people to be, well, successful.

Decide what it is you want to gain from your mystery shopping work.

Is it extra income for your basic needs? Disposable income to be able to give to others? Free meals and merchandise? A way to get out of the house?

It doesn’t really matter what your purpose is – but you have to know WHY you want to mystery shop in order to do it most effectively.

Your Plan

Once you know your purpose, you can then find the types of shops that best will fit your purpose.

  • If you want to travel with lower costs, you may look for route shops and/or hotel and cruise shops.
  • If your need is primarily for extra income, look for shops within a certain geographic area, perhaps in stores where you regularly shop or get services, that pay well or reimburse you for things you typically purchase.
  • If dining for free (or almost)  is your goal – then find which companies have restaurant and food chain shops.

Your purpose is what will get you out of bed. Your plan will be what you do once you are showered and ready to conquer the day.

With a defined purpose and a well-thought out plan looking for, and finding, mystery shopping work becomes far less overwhelming and tedious.

You will know which are your go-to companies for consistent work that helps you accomplish your purpose. Looking for shops will be simple. Work will be fun.

And then – that is when you can start the process of Living the Dream.

Next week – we’ll tell you how boundaries and accountability make your days even better.

But let’s talk now! Comment below about your purpose for being a mystery shopper and how you are Living the Dream through mystery shopping.

About Market Viewpoint

Market Viewpoint offers comprehensive mystery shopping services, complete customer service audits, employee and customer surveys, customer focused marketing strategies, and customer service training to help you improve your customer service and outshine your competition.
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10 Responses to Living the Dream … as a Mystery Shopper – Part 1

  1. robinhelene says:

    I’m retired from the US Postal Service since 2009. I worked for them for 30 years, and when we were offered an early-out with a modest compensation offer and terrible pension, I jumped on the chance to leave at the age of 55. I had terrible back pain I needed to address and I just needed to stop working. Four surgeries (only semi-successful) later, I worked as a dog sitter and for a company that gave low-cost vaccinations to dogs and cats. I fell into mystery shopping when I did a couple of shops for first Market Force, then Intelli-Shop, and when I was fired from the other two jobs, I threw myself whole-heartedly into mystery shopping. On my busiest days, I performed three shops per day. Now, since my husband has retired and joined me, I keep it to only one. It gets us out of bed in the morning, gives us something we can do together, and we are having a great time making just a few extra dollars to supplement our modest pensions. And since we live in a very expensive state, any extra money is most welcome. — Proudly Shopping on the Forums

  2. Dave Mayo says:

    Mystery Shopping has changed a bit since I started in 2006.

    My objective as in all my interactions as an independent contractor is to have a mutually beneficial experience.

    The compensations that are being offered for the effort and expense required has caused me to pass on many shops recently.

    I do not need mystery shopping. I like the experience of playing a role and being believable but that “hobby” is not enough to be taken advantage of by greedy clients that expect mystery shoppers to work for free.

    • Dave, trust that we continue to work with our clients to write contracts which will assure fair compensation for our mystery shoppers. Without dependable shoppers, there is no mystery shopping. Our industry does not expect any one to work for free. We are glad that you have other opportunities to earn income that are more satisfying for you. We hope that we have more opportunities that will fit with your expectations. Best of luck to you!

    • Lisa says:

      That is the best part Dave, we can pick and choose the assignments. There are some that cost me money in the end and a lengthy report to follow, and then there are others that give me a nice chunk of change. I do wish there were more better paying ones that came along more frequently, but like you, I am not reliant on mystery shopping, it’s $ for the extras.

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  6. Eddie S Warner says:

    I love it. This must be why I feel so amazing lately! I got everything I want right at my fingertips. I am starting to have full-time clients, drag me off 3rd party writing sites to do their websites for them, and it feels amazing knowing that every stroke of my fingers, and step I take, are building my brand, and reputation as someone that means business. So, you couldn’t be any more dead on here. If your heart doesn’t sing, your work is going to suffer. You have to have your “YOU” in dead eye scope, or it’s back to the drawing board.

    • Good for you Eddie! So glad it’s all working out for you! Hope you continue to make mystery shopping part of your ‘living the dream’ lifestyle. We need good writers and people with passion!

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